Sky high dining at Oblix, the Shard

Keeping a firm eye on the bank account when dining in London is made so much easier when you can take advantage of canny tricks and excellent deals. We had the chance to visit Oblix in the Shard and bagged ourselves a bargain at the same time with Bookatable’s Feast on London deals – check them out for yourself!


Brunching at Timmy Green, Victoria

Down under, they start the day off right – breakfasts and brunches are something special and these Aussie tastes have come to London, now in the newest form of Timmy Green.
Craving a taste of the Antipodes brunch, I planned in a family brunch visit…

Visiting the Hobbits of Middle Earth in Hobbiton, New Zealand

Peter Jackson made New Zealand the 21st century version of Middle Earth, from the green rolling farmland hills of Waikato where the Hobbits live right down to the volcanic blackness of Mordor in the South Island. The sets are almost all gone, all except a little family farm, where you can mingle with the Hobbits in their natural habitat.