Pied a Terre

Do you have a ‘list’? That seemingly never ending list of all those amazing places to eat out in London – those pop-ups and new openings and more trends that you shake a finger at.
But what about those of the old school? Those steady places that will always be there, quietly rocking away and blowing your socks off while nobody is watching. Those are the ones you really ought to be watching and Pied a Terre is pretty high on that list.



Quilon isn’t your usual option for Indian cuisine, it doesn’t feature any of the usual Indian options like Chicken Tikka Masala, Korma and Naan.  Some may be familiar with the traditional South-Indian favourites like Dosas and Idli, but for the majority (including myself), that’s where my knowledge ends.  Quilon, with it’s one michelin star, goes…


A Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant seems a bit off-kilter to me, not because I doubt the quality of the food but because I associate Michelin stars with poncy French restaurants, waiters with indecipherable accents all with a background of pindrop silence. But that’s where Yauatcha comes in – it’s retained it’s 1 Michelin star status for…