A French Riviera weekend a la Nicoise

It was very very early in the morning, I hadn’t had coffee (!) and I was meeting my sister at the crack of dawn at the less than glamorous spot of Gatwick Airport. But we were there to celebrate a very special occasion, my baby sister was turning 30 and we were whisking off to a surprise getaway!


Pied a Terre

Do you have a ‘list’? That seemingly never ending list of all those amazing places to eat out in London – those pop-ups and new openings and more trends that you shake a finger at.
But what about those of the old school? Those steady places that will always be there, quietly rocking away and blowing your socks off while nobody is watching. Those are the ones you really ought to be watching and Pied a Terre is pretty high on that list.

HKK: Restaurant Review

Opulent colours of red and gold and ornate carvings are the usual sights in Chinese restaurants, but this Hakkasan-owned joint came on the scene in late 2012 and changed the Chinese fine dining scene almost immediately, earning itself a Michelin star within a year of opening.  HKK is all cool greys and muted colours and…


Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester with Bookatable

Fine dining a la Michelin Stars shouldn’t solely be the realm of those on expense accounts or those with some serious dough burning a hole in their pockets and one of the things I love about London is that most of the lovely lovely high end restaurants do actually offer you a chance of a…


Restaurant Story

The comparison most often levelled at Tom Sellers’ Restaurant Story is that it’s another Fat Duck, albeit cheaper and located in Central London.  To write Sellers off as just another Heston copycat is to offer him a great injustice I think and not to appreciate what he’s achieved with Restaurant Story on its own merits.…



Gymkhana is named for the Anglo-Indian sporting club, a gentleman’s club for the British Raj. It seems somewhat odd to me that a restaurant be themed on the remnants on a colonial-era so despised by those living in the time, but fast-forward 50 years and it appears to have evolved into a theme. Will there…


Outlaw’s at the Capital

A restaurant dedicated to seafood is reason itself to gain my undivided attention but with seafood man Nathan Outlaw, this was the place to experience fresh Cornish seafood, despite not actually travelling down south.  The restaurant interior is a little soulless, perhaps to be expected in a hotel situated within a mere spitting distance to…