Great British classics at 108 Brasserie, Marylebone

What is British food exactly? It doesn’t have the best reputation overseas, being mainly reminiscent of stodge and a healthy lack of imagination.
It’s also easily overlooked by some of the sexier new cuisines and all things fusion, but sometimes you need to not follow the herd and settle into some great British classics


A French Riviera weekend a la Nicoise

It was very very early in the morning, I hadn’t had coffee (!) and I was meeting my sister at the crack of dawn at the less than glamorous spot of Gatwick Airport. But we were there to celebrate a very special occasion, my baby sister was turning 30 and we were whisking off to a surprise getaway!

Poke bowls at Kaia, The Ned London

For Instagrammable perfection full of eye-popping colour, there really isn’t anywhere better than the Ned. Black and white chequered floors, towering jade green verdite columns, ivory white marble, gleaming brown woods and that’s before we’ve even encountered the food.
Rainbow hued Poke bowls at Kaia are the star of the show and like everything at the Ned, just crying out for an Insta.


Sky high dining at Oblix, the Shard

Keeping a firm eye on the bank account when dining in London is made so much easier when you can take advantage of canny tricks and excellent deals. We had the chance to visit Oblix in the Shard and bagged ourselves a bargain at the same time with Bookatable’s Feast on London deals – check them out for yourself!


Modern Thai fusion at the Mango Tree, Victoria

If a food blogger goes to a restaurant and doesn’t remember what she has, then has she ever been to the restaurant?
I answer such deep philosophical musings by revisiting the scene of an old date and find myself pleasantly surprised (And I won’t forget it this time!)


Pied a Terre

Do you have a ‘list’? That seemingly never ending list of all those amazing places to eat out in London – those pop-ups and new openings and more trends that you shake a finger at.
But what about those of the old school? Those steady places that will always be there, quietly rocking away and blowing your socks off while nobody is watching. Those are the ones you really ought to be watching and Pied a Terre is pretty high on that list.


Hutong at the Shard

Hutong at the Shard serves up sweeping views across London, but does the food match the landscape? Read my review to find out more.