Easy dining at home with nom noms world food

“What’s for dinner”? 3 little words, so innocuous but so stressful. And if you’re craving anything exciting, then that’s not even possible out of my kitchen! So I was pretty happy to try out a new range of ready meals that offered up delicious meals with no effort required at all.


Wine pairings at home with Le Petit Ballon

Groceries delivered, endless volumes of nappies delivered and my personal favourite delivery – the Nespresso boxes all magically appear at my home on a regular basis. And now there’s one better, carefully curated wines can also arrive direct to your front door, all at the click of a button!

Home cooking with Heena’s Kitchen curry

What’s better than coming home to a home-cooked, delicious Indian meal? That’s an easy answer, when someone makes it for you and then cleans up afterwards! That someone is Heena’s Kitchen Curry and she knows what she’s doing on the home cooking front!


Eating the Spanish way: #LanzaroteCookOff

Bringing a slice of Lanzarote to the kitchen, the #LanzaroteCookOff with Thomas Cook Airlines


Cookbook Review: Make it Easy, Jane Lovett

  Our previous kitchen had barely enough room to swing a cat, but now that we are settled into our new house with our shiny new kitchen, I was aching to get started on confidently whizzing, chopping, slicing, stirring and creating! Of course I tell myself that it was lack of kitchen space that had me…


Feast Happy Review: Gourmet dining at home

What do you do when you’re too tired/ can’t be bothered to cook? Is pizza your take-out weakness? It’s certainly the default choice of lazy food in my house, but what happens when you don’t have the energy to cook, but you also want some really nice food?  Like really really nice food. My husband will…


Use your loaf! Love Food, Hate Waste

Are you a bread lover? If you love the carb as much as I, then you would be horrified at much bread we throw away every year – 24 million slices, a whole 1.3 million loaves of bread!  This equates to almost a third of all the bread that’s ever been bought, which seems a…