An ode to the spud at The Potato Project, Boxpark Croydon

When the going gets tough, and the world has been really tough recently, the tough seek solace in the home comforts of the jacket potato.  The humble potato ticks all the boxes of comfort, hot, soft, buttery and able to transform swan-like to suit any mood.

Of course, it’s not so easy to get this seemingly simple spud cooked right, there are many schools of thought around how to achieve the perfect crispy skin to fluffy interior ratio and I have spent many an hour trying to finesse my own recipe down to a T.

I was intrigued therefore when I received an invitation to try out ‘The Potato Project’ at Boxpark in Croydon.  I mean, it’s just a potato – how could they make it sing? I put my scepticism to the test and off I went.

I was pleasantly surprised by Boxpark, I hadn’t realised there was one in suburbia and I will definitely be returning here often, this is somewhere that can easily accommodate all 4 of us and has enough options to tempt even the pickiest diner (aka the Sprog who has some very specific ideas on what he will and won’t eat)


The Potato Project has a menu catering clearly to the Potato – twists on a classic, something a little different and some extras, something for the weekend, breakfasts and even kids options!


I opted for the Autumn wild mushrooms, spinach, blue cheese and truffle oil and just as it’s cooking, the smells coming out of the kitchen are already making my mouth water.  So I can’t wait to grab my cute packaged box and devour…


Opening it up, I am not disappointed!  Even the box is conveniently sized and easy enough to eat with a fork & knife – it’s large enough to contain the potato generously, none of those pesky containers that start to disintegrate as you’re eating.


But that’s just the petty icing on the cake.  The potato is beautifully cooked, it’s perfect.  I’m tempted to run back in and ask how they’re doing it, but I’m too busy eating.  The toppings complement each other well, the truffle and blue cheese aren’t overpowering and the mushrooms and spinach have an earthiness to them that are hard to beat.


I’m actually surprised that such a simple potato has led me to such heights, but there’s a magic to it that I think I will struggle to replicate at home.  I can however get those same ingredients together and give it a good try!

The next time I’m in Boxpark, I have my eye on the Sweet potato with Chicken curry.. watch this space!

I was invited to sample the spud at Boxpark Croydon, but as always, opinions are all my own.


2 thoughts on “An ode to the spud at The Potato Project, Boxpark Croydon

  1. I am working my way around Boxpark trying as many things as possible, but am yet to try this place – the potatoes look amazing, so fluffy and comforting!

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