Easy dining at home with nom noms world food

“Mum, what’s for dinner?”  I asked my own mother these 3 little innocent words every day, never giving it more than a moment’s thought of what had to happen to create the fantastic meals that came churning out of the family kitchen.  Now, my motives may be honourable but I really can’t match up to those culinary talents and the thought of what on earth to make for dinner is my daily stress and cross to bear.

And if I ever wanted to eat something beyond my repertoire of 5 recipes, then that usually entails a call to the nearest takeaway, but a person can’t live on takeout alone, although I think that I could give that a good solid try.  So I was excited to try a new range of ready meals that aren’t really your usual ready meals, new to Ocado and available at the flick of an order.

Enter Nom Noms World Food, a range of ready meals that are all about introducing flavour to your meals in the easiest possible way – a quick blast in your microwave!

I opted for the Butter Chicken Tiffin and husband went for the Veggie Tagine and the very first thing that sticks out is the packaging – it’s so neatly arranged and organised that it’s no real surprise to hear they’ve actually won awards for their design!

My chicken curry is delish – and I love that unlike so many other Indian ready meals, it actually comes with a little aloo tikki and chutney.  Meals in India are never just a rice and a curry, they’re lots of little portions all adding up together to form one meal and so having something else there makes it feel a bit more special than a regular ready meal.

I wish I could tell you that the Tagine was delicious, but the husband ate it so quickly, I never got a chance to taste it! So I’ll just have to interpret his largely silent scoffing of his meal as a sign that he really liked it because the plate was licked clean by the time I had turned around.


That was a bit of a theme amongst the men in my house actually – the sprog tried a Chicken Biriyani and I admit, I had my doubts.  He’s not a great eater and mealtimes are fraught as I spend a lot of energy trying to get him to eat something, anything at all.  I want to introduce more flavour into his food as I think a large part of the problem is the boring meals I rustle up and while I think the Biriyani was a little spicy, he seemed to like it and surprise surprise, actually ate most of it.  Around 3/4 to be exact and then he decided he’d had enough and demanded biscuits.  Well, you can’t win it all can you?


I was sent a selection of Nom Noms World Food to try but as always, opinions are my own.  I’ve already put my money where my mouth is and bought some more flavours of the mini Nom Noms for the sprog to try for himself.


What do you think?

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