Brunching at Timmy Green, Victoria

There’s no denying it, the most important meal of the day is something really special down under, there are a variety of things on offer beyond the usual Full English and you can pretty much guarantee yourself a fabulous brunch if you find an Aussie/ Kiwi place to start the day off!

Having had a dazzling array of feasts from our trip to NZ/ Australia in October last year, I was craving a return to Antipodean breakfasts and for a family late lunch, suggested we meet at a new Victoria opening – Timmy Green.

I’ve long lamented the lack of exciting places in Victoria, but that’s all changing with the new Nova development that’s sprung up with exciting launches of Hai Cenato,  Aster and of course Timmy Green.

It’s modern, funky and glamorous with a sweeping bar set to one side with a mini grand piano pumping out live music and the sort of interior that is an Instagram dream.  We’ve made a booking and requested room for a buggy but even still, it’s a bit of a tight squeeze sat around the main large table in the centre of the room.

Service is somewhat slow and despite being here for a while, menus and then drinks take rather a long time to emerge.  They’re delicious when they do finally arrive, but it’s a little frustrating for the wait and so we’re waiting eagerly for our order to arrive!

We eagerly fall upon our food when it arrives so I fail to take pictures of everything (Yep, classic #bloggerfail) but I still got a few! Husband ordered the fancy Bacon roll, which was Bacon, eggs and Hollandaise sauce all rolled up into a Paratha with chilli and crispy onions on the side.  To say I had major food envy would be an understatement and I snuck in quite a few mouthfuls!

For myself, I’d ordered the poached eggs on black sourdough with a side of the chilli pesto and I loved the flavours of this, the chilli pesto wasn’t overpowering and the flavour of the bread was just perfect for the classic eggs and avocado combination.

Other orders were the Coconut french toast and the Broccoli and corn fritters, both of which are eaten with aplomb.

Ideally, I’d have liked to linger with another round of drinks and perhaps try out the Beany Green blend of coffee that is on offer and had the weather been better, it would have been lovely to sit outside enjoying the Alfresco seating with that gorgeous Yellow coffee machine that I really want propping up my own kitchen!

However, trains need a-catching and they’re not the speediest around here, so in the end we opt to head off.  I’m sure I’ll come back for a coffee and another round of brunch one day and in the meantime, I hope they’ve sped things up a little bit more in time for my return!

Square Meal


3 thoughts on “Brunching at Timmy Green, Victoria

  1. I keep walking past this place and thinking how lovely it looks, that bacon roll sounds epic!

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