Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, Wimbledon

On a weekend break to Copenhagen some moons ago, a friend and I went armed with a list of the touristy things we wanted to see and do and of course, an idea of what we wanted to eat.  Somewhat naively, most of our ideas of Danish/Scandinavian food centred around this thought that cured fish in all forms would be the main stay of what we’d find there.

Imagine our surprise then to realise that Copenhagen was a veritable hot bed of sushi – yes of course you could also get pickled herring on your Smorresbord, but the Danes clearly knew how to use their fish well and sushi establishments greeted us on every corner!

Sticks ‘n’ Sushi was noted as being one of the best and since it was conveniently resident in our hotel, we enjoyed a spectacular meal there and when I saw it had migrated to these shores, I was keen to go! But of course as it happens, the list of places you want to go to is so long that it’s barely possible to scratch the surface so it wasn’t until now that I finally made it to the Wimbledon branch.

I’m constantly lamenting the lack of foodie variety in our new home in Surrey so it was pleasant to realise that Wimbledon was only a 20 minute drive away, less time travelling = we were able to put Sprog to bed before heading out for an evening!

The restaurant is huge, cavernous in fact and dimly lit, it just seems to ooze fun.  There are long tables for big groups towards the middle & back of the restaurant with smaller tables set up for couples at front and a large bar and open kitchen watching over us right at the back.

Settling in with some truly enormous menus, I’m really impressed to see a little something just for me….. it doesn’t tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t order (that would seem a bit Nanny-state) but it does outline the recommended guidelines on eating fish and I’m very impressed with the staff’s dedication to making sure I’m comfortable with what we have ordered!


After much much deliberation, we decided against the conveniently done set menus and did some of our mixing and matching instead.

The colder elements came first and soon after ordering, we found ourselves tucking in.  Crunchy edamame came with a selection of a plateful of mixed Maki –  encasing Salmon Ceviche, two different kinds of Tempura shrimp and seared salmon all alongside some creative ingredients I wouldn’t normally associate with sushi like red onion, snow peas, aioli and coriander.   It worked – we couldn’t decide which ones we liked most and they were all disappearing swiftly.  A plate of sashimi was fresh and succulent and we wished we’d ordered a little bit more of this, but we knew the hot food was yet to come.

Crispy Jerusalem artichoke slivers served with miso aioli came out of the kitchens with our selection of skewers – we’d opted for grilled sweet potato, chicken with a chilli teriyaki flavour, panko duck breast and meatballs, plenty for the two of us to share.

Perhaps we were starting to get full, but none of the sticks really sang out to us – they just didn’t have the intensity of smokey flavour I would have hoped for considering the open grill at the back and it was all acceptable, but not memorable.  I therefore focused my attentions on my personal favourite – the crispy moreish Jerusalem artichokes and pronounced myself happy!

We were full but it was a special occasion celebrating the husband’s birthday  and since the sticks hadn’t wowed us, we decided to go out with a bang and order up a selection of desserts.  And since, it was his birthday, I even let him choose!  At this point though, the headiness of all that food got to me and #bloggerfail I forgot to take a photo, but let’s be honest, with dim moody lighting like this, you wouldn’t have been able to tell anyway!  We had Creme brulee, Chocolate cake and Vanilla ice cream and while none these will win any awards for novelty, they were delicious and set us up nicely to brave the outside world to head home.

As I’ve probably said many times before, I adore Japanese food and I’d rank visits to Nobu, Roka and Kouzu in my top London foodie experiences and I found our visit here to be pretty great – next time we’ll know to focus attention on the sushi part of the deal and with it being only a short drive away, I can imagine more special occasions in the 30s family to be celebrated here from now on.

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4 thoughts on “Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, Wimbledon

    • This made me laugh out loud Angie, yes of course he did! I had to promise him a Pizza Express trip for Father’s Day 🙂

  1. So I had no idea Sticks n Sushi was a Danish brand until recently – there was even one in our Copenhagen hotel and we still have not yet managed to try it! I am really impressed with the Yummy Mummy info – and that you’re sensible enough to make you own choice around what you do and don’t eat when pregnant. I remember a colleague telling me about how she had to mediate a war between friends who had started a ‘sushi or not’ battle over Facebook when she had posted her sushi lunch whilst 6 months along! Dramas!

    • Tell me about it, self-righteous pregnancy eating police are the worst 🙂 Give Sticks n Sushi a go & tell me what you think (although Tanuki’s Cave is still the best!)

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