Trying out a Dubai brunch…

Beachside relaxation was all that was on the agenda for our Dubai stopover, en route home from our epic jaunt over to New Zealand and Australia at the end of 2016 and after hopping on and off ALL those flights not to mention having to wrap up warm down under, we were really craving some sunshine.

Sure, we planned to go and check out the Burj Khalifa and some of the crazy malls and sights, but neither of these things were going to be particularly exciting to the Sprog and so we were on the hunt for something we could all enjoy equally.  We’d heard a lot about the famous Friday Dubai brunches and were really keen to try one out for ourselves, despite the Sprog being in tow and more crucially despite the fact I would not be able to indulge in any drinks, which you could argue is the factor that really makes the brunch.

I did a lot of research on the best family friendly brunches and there are a lot of them available in Dubai but they cater mainly to older kids with the likes of bouncy castles, face painting, bands; some even have dedicated areas for staff to babysit your little cherubs, but we knew the Sprog was a little too young to truly appreciate any of that, so we opted for a more casual brunch at the Movenpick Jumeirah Beach, conveniently located only a short distance away from us so we could stroll there in style

As it turns out, the gentle 5 minute stroll there was the best idea ever because Sprog fell fast asleep and remained so for almost the entire duration of brunch, allowing his parents to get merry in peace!  We arrived as it was starting which I highly recommend, you can set up shop in a corner with a high chair and space for a buggy and get to ordering your drinks and snacks in your own time.

As you can imagine, there’s everything you might possibly want to eat – delectably fresh seafood, a Japanese area, Indian counter, pizza, breads, cheeses, salads everything.  I mainly veered between the seafood selection and oh yes, the seafood selection although at the very end I did find a previously missed Vietnamese salad section which provided a portion of a my 5+ a day.

The husband kept himself topped up with fizz and I kept myself topped up with the king prawns which you can have poached in huge vats of broth or cooked on a grill as well as a retro crispy prawn cocktail you can order from the staff and it’s fair to say these two plates were pretty much always in focus on our table.

The dessert room is keeping me from over indulging on all the other elements, yes I said dessert ROOM and there are cakes, mousses, puddings and since this is a Movenpick hotel, it makes sense that there’s an ice-cream bar right there too.  I’m too taken by all the cake and mousse to indulge on ice-cream though, I can get my ice cream fix after a dip in the sea which is something I did on every other day, so no sense filling up on the cold stuff now!

There is a time limit in operation for brunch, but we’re never rushed, never hurried and we end up staying right until last orders are called and even then they’re pretty relaxed and we simply move outside to the balcony to enjoy the fresh air, allow the sprog who’s now woken up to have a run around and make friends with the other punters and get our drinks direct from the bar outside.


It was definitely one of the highlights of our stay in Dubai and while it may not have been the slickest, swishest brunch I’ve ever been to (Roka wins all the awards for that one!), or even one with the best food, it was extremely relaxing and really enjoyable, although that might have had something to do with the fact the sprog slept through it all!

Next time, he’ll be older and we’ll go for one of those ones with the full-scale child entertainment, since I doubt we’d get so lucky again!

We had brunch at Talk & Soul at Movenpick Jumeirah Beach, I recommend you book as it filled up extremely quickly!

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4 thoughts on “Trying out a Dubai brunch…

    • Oops I’m reading this so late, but yes it’s well worth checking out! Especially ones that are super family friendly 🙂

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