Taking the family to Coworth Park, Ascot

Just the simple act of pulling into the majestic drive of Coworth Park has me feeling that I’m in another world.  Coworth Park is the leafy Berkshire country home of the luxurious Dorchester Collection and with it’s sweeping driveway, horses out for a ride and more gently rolling greenery than you can hope to see in London, I’m already in love.

A solid manor house looms ahead and with a minimal amount of fuss, our bags and car are whisked away from us and we’re checked in and all set to explore our beautiful suite.

It’s elegant, of course it is, but there are also the necessary mod-cons you’d expect and tiny little thoughtful touches marking it out as a luxurious Dorchester property.  There’s a flat-screen TV which  appears as per magic from the foot of the majestic 4 poster kingsize bed, a Nespresso machine which no coffee-dependent parent could really live without and a gorgeously comfy couch that is just asking me to lie down, sip my chilled of fizz and flick through a magazine or two.

In fact, once I’ve seen the free-standing copper tub, it’s a real miracle that I didn’t spend the entire afternoon indoors just lying around.  But only the prospect of a gloriously sunny day, and the fact that the sprog does not appreciate parental relaxation, has us heading out to lunch and thoroughly explore.


Copper tub

Coworth Park is located on a vast 240 acre estate so we’ll need some sustenance to see us through and we decide to lunch on the terrace.  There is a formal dining room and a drawing room where they serve tea but since the sun is shining, we sit outside with some cocktails and make the most of an alfresco meal.


After our spot of sunning ourselves with cocktails and lunch, we head off to explore and we’re practically skipping with joy, the view is green, all green and it seems to instantly energise and refresh us.



Family selfie

The old stables have been converted into an additional set of more casual accommodation and it looks like a little picture postcard, complete with a red phonebox, just too cute for words.  These would be perfect for a family stay, especially as the sprog gets older, he would have so much green space to make mischief while giving his parents a bit of peace as well!


We don’t wander for too long though as I’ve got a date at the spa, so I drop the husband and baby off at the main hotel for a little afternoon siesta and set off with a skip in my step, all set for my Carol Joy Luxury Collagen Facial.  The spa is beautiful, a low modern building, quietly serene and dotted with signature Dorchester luxurious touches.  My treatment is sublime and although I hate to miss any minute of the wonders being worked on my skin, I actually nod off and have one of the most refreshing little naps I’ve ever had, which is high praise from a permanently sleep deprived Mum,and I wake up to glowing dewy soft skin.

I can’t resist taking a little dip in the pool downstairs afterwards, as you dive in, you can hear the underwater music which has me giggling to myself, it’s such a uniquely lovely touch!

My skin is so soft and glowingly radiant afterwards that I don’t even put any makeup on, which is quite a rarity for me!

We make the most of the last bits of sun by another round of cocktails on the terrace and then walk over to the Barn.  There are golf buggies if you wish to travel in style, but it’s barely a 5-minute walk so there isn’t much need really.  The Barn is Coworth Park’s casual restaurant, very family friendly and very elegantly casual, so we feel quite comfortable taking the sprog out to dinner.  Classic British comfort food is on offer which suits the husband down to the ground and we order some favourites to share, a signature sharing platter with garlic prawns, pate and gooey mozzarella, with some delectable bread to share with the sprog..  I have my eyes on a huge bowl of creamy chicken Caesar salad for my dinner and manage to convince myself that I’m eating salad for dinner.  I continue this *healthy* theme by ordering a yoghurty muesli dessert for myself, but this backfires realy as the husband orders a chocolate brownie and I end up eating most of his… oops.

The sprog is not at all keen to go to sleep in his own thoughtfully provided cot as it seems that our extremely comfy bed is where he’d most like to be and he’s having the best time playing around and giggling.  He finally decides to lay his head down and curl up with us and since this bed is huuuuge, there’s definitely room for 3, even if the third person sleeps like a starfish right in the middle!


I’m not sleepy!

Despite the sprog making it three in a bed, we sleep very well in that comfy bed and the next morning we head downstairs for breakfast, this time in the beautiful dining room with that gorgeous copper leaf sculpture.

Breakfast is rich and decadent and we choose from a selection of hot food while simultaneously snacking on heavenly buttery pastries and sweet berries and go for the full monty with Eggs Benedict for the husband and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs for me, perfectly cooked of course.

Once breakfast is over, it’s back to the real world for us and we have to really tear ourselves away with a wrench.  Coworth Park is a real haven of a place to rest and recharge the batteries, even with the simple act of a walk through the grounds, a casual but elegant dinner and a luxurious room in which to really truly relax.

I was a guest of Coworth Park for a review for Flush the Fashion, opinions are always my own.



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