Senor Ceviche, Kingly Court, Soho

I can feel Senor Ceviche’s energy even before I walk through the door.  Kingly Court is a bit of a surprise to me, tucked away behind Oxford St and next to Carnaby St, I’d never given it much thought but once you walk in, you’re faced with 3 floors of buzzing restaurants and more happy foodie people you can shake a stick at.

Senor Ceviche has that Latin American party feel and it’s what I imagine the Shoreditch equivalent of a Peruvian city might look like, fun fun fun!

I’m here with my friend A and our priority in all situations is to make sure we have food so we waste no time in getting down to business, plus A is on a lunch break unlike myself, who is on a long lunch and plans to sneak in a few shopping visits while the sprog is hanging out with his grandmother.

Since we’re in Senor Ceviche, we of course have to order Ceviche, although A does not look particularly happy at my explanation of what ceviche actually is.  Come to think of it, this the girl who doesn’t even like sushi so really what was I thinking!  But I manage to sneak at least one order in and I opt for the Clasico, which is sea bream with tiger’s milk and adorned with some sweet potato, corn, red onion, coriander and plantain.

I think it’s deliciously tart, but I can’t convince A.  I think the description ‘tiger’s milk’ doesn’t really endear itself either as it sounds a bit primal but actually it’s nothing more than the traditional marinade of a ceviche, lime juice, chilli, garlic and coriander.


I’m happy to say that the rest of my ordering was far up to Miss A’s standard.  We had Pachamanca pork ribs, sweet potato fries, nikkei greens, frijoles negros and chicken anticuchos (skewers).

I’m not generally a fan of beans, baked or otherwise so I can’t quite warm to the Frijoles negros but A is ecstatic at that and happily polishes off the lot.  Everything else is treated with great reverence and we’re torn between eating with gusto and also cramming in a lot of chat into our short lunch hour and it’s a tough call to say which we’re most excited about.

I hadn’t realised just how much our bonhomie has translated itself to other punters, a neighbouring couple who arrived just as our food was being attacked at speed requested that our order was copied for them as they didn’t really want to choose.  I don’t think I could ever do that, I’m far too much of a control freak organiser to give up ordering like that!

It’s just the sort of place that we love, staff are chilled, the food is delicious and makes for an excellent background to catching up with a great friend.

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