Kurobuta, Marble Arch

Kurobuta has been on my wish list for so long and I’ve read so many reviews on this restaurant that before I’ve even walked through the doors, I already know exactly what I want to order and I could probably write up my review before having even got there!

A girls lunch with Mum is the perfect reason to put my pre-organised Kurobuta plan into action and we take the sprog and head off to Marble Arch.

One thing I am surprised about is how cool the interiors are, I don’t know that I’d paid much attention to that part of it and so I’m really glad that at least something is a surprise.  And it’s such a good surprise, I love the funky lighting over the bar and I wish we’d bagged one of the cozy booths but since we’ve got the sprog in tow, it’s a corner table for us to settle in with some cocktails!


Unfortunately for my mother, I already know exactly what I want to order and leave her very little room to make any recommendations of her own.

We kick off with the artichoke chopsticks, tuna sashimi and soft shell crab tempura for starters as these are the ones I’ve heard so much about. The artichoke is entirely unexpected and even despite all that I’ve read, I’m still not expecting the sheer amazingness WOW factor of these babies.  It’s a creamy artichokey inner with a crisp crack on the outside and I have absolutely no idea how they’ve managed it.

Fresh tuna layered on top of a crisp base topped with other ‘pizza’ toppings is another one of those dishes that is so different and worth every accolade that the internet has flung at it.

In contrast though, the soft shell crab tempura was simply ok, nothing wrong with it of course but compared to the impact of the other 2 starters, this one was more what I’d imagined it to be.


Extremely pleased with ourselves for our starter options, we moved on to mains – scallops, Nasu Dengaku or Miso Aubergine and Miso Yaki Jumbo shrimp.

The scallops were again just ok but this was made up by the fact that the other two were simply out of this world.  The miso aubergine were  melt in the mouth gorgeous and not too sweet as is sometimes the case and sprinkled with a touch of genius, candied nuts!

The shrimp were large, meaty and juicy and the butter sauce they came with were dreaming of some bread to mop it all up with.


We decided to forego dessert in favour of a jaunt around the shops as we’re at that happy comfortably full stage and so we head back out into the sunshine extremely pleased with ourselves indeed!

Sometimes you read so much about a restaurant that you actually wonder if you should bother going because surely it can’t live up to the hype but in this case, it really did! There were a couple of dishes that were just ok, but for everything else, I’m so glad I went!

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3 thoughts on “Kurobuta, Marble Arch

  1. Oh I’m disappointed the scallops were just ho-hum for you… they were one of my faves but I think it’s done differently now! My ‘just ok’ dish were their steamed buns!
    So pleased it lived up to the hype overall though!

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