Daytripping Surrey: Sculpture Park, Farnham

Long lazy days in the sun are just around the corner and with that comes the desire to emerge from the warm comforts of home and go exploring, here, there and everywhere.

A random internet search of things to do in Surrey brought up the Sculpture Park and without pausing for thought, we drove off to Farnham in search of a fun day out.

The entry way is deceptively simple and hides a pretty little woodland hiding literally hundreds and hundreds of sculptures dotted everywhere.  Just in the few minutes it takes for us to reach reception, we’re already sold.


There are all sorts of little pathways leading around and as you start wandering around, you realise that this place is huge! We spent 2 hours here and we still only covered about  50% of the whole park.  The paths are a bit of a challenge to wheel the buggy around as it’s all gravel with a fair few steps but it’s not too hard if there’s a couple of you to do a bit of heavy lifting, although next time I’ll make sure to bring the baby carrier, not just so it’d be easier on the arms but because I’m sure the sprog would be very taken with looking around at all the bits dotted everywhere.

Each of the sculptures is actually for sale and you get a book at reception with a map and a description of each sculpture with a sale price and while we started off diligently studying each piece, we soon slipped and just started to really enjoy ourselves and marvel at all the pieces that caught our eye.


I don’t want to give the game away by showing you too many of the marvels so I’ve posted just a handful of the pieces on display, some of my favourites and some of the sculptures that made me want to whip out my phone for an Insta shot.

After we got tired of buggy wrestling, we stuck to the gentle paths by the lake, completely flat and largely paved these are easy to handle for the buggy pusher and even a wheelchair at a push, although this might prove to be a bit harder.

I did wish for a little souvenir shop as I had a fanciful idea of buying a little fridge magnet in the shape of one of my favourite sculptures but while there is a shop, it sells the actual sculptures and miniatures and not the frivolous bits I had hoped for.

I do also think that a little coffee shop/ kiosk wouldn’t go amiss as I know we fancied a bit of a snack stop while meandering around the lakes and it would probably have  made us linger a bit longer had we been fed and watered.

Instead, I will have to make do with a repeat visit which I’m already planning to do in July when my family come to visit as I think this is a fun day jaunt that everybody is going to love!


The need to know:

Sculpture Park is located on Jumps Road, Churt, Farnham, Surrey GU10 2LH.  It’s quite easy to find via Sat-Nav and you will need to drive.

Parking is available outside in front of the pub and also along the road leading away from the pub

Admission is £10 for adults, £5 for Senior citizens, students and children 5-15.

Wear comfy shoes as you could be walking a while and up gravel and some steep bits

Congratulations Jessi from 2Feet1World for winning tickets to the Sculpture Park!


3 thoughts on “Daytripping Surrey: Sculpture Park, Farnham

  1. This looks really cool, I’d love to visit! Have you ever been to the Brick Bay Sculpture Park near Matakana north of Auckland? It reminds me of that – but in woodlands instead of paddocks! 🙂

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