Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch

Dining with unlimited bubbly is fast becoming an entirely acceptable way to spend a weekend and with so many places to choose from, competition to provide the hottest brunch spot is heating up.

For us, we have high expectations of Beach Blanket Babylon because it’s the first stop of my sister’s hen do! We’ve got a full day lined up and everyone knows that you have to start off as you mean to continue, so of course we’ll be having unlimited bubbly with our brunch.

The interior is glammed up clubby which does a look bit incongruous at noon especially as we’re the first table of the day.  They don’t allow my sister to wear her bridal sash which is a bit of a shame as we are the only people there and so we can hardly be offending anyone but in no mood to argue, we order up.


Noon is definitely still counted as brunch in my book, especially since we have some fizz to soak up, so it’s breakfast foods all round and 2 of us go for the poached eggs with smashed avocado and chilli on sourdough and the others opt for the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with a bagel.


My avocado does seem to be lacking the promised chilli accompaniment but in every other way, it’s perfectly executed and the salmon & scrambled eggs team seem to have the same review, except they are struggling to finish theirs but team avocado polished theirs off in a jiffy and we’ve turned our attention to the dessert menu.

Ever since I’ve discovered that dessert with brunch is perfectly acceptable (As per German Gymnasium), I’ve cast my eye on the Chocolate brownie and as is my cake-fuelled way, I’ve also talked everyone else into having some dessert.

Sadly, it wasn’t really the best idea.  The brownie came cold and with a side of lemon sorbet, not vanilla ice cream as one might expect, despite being told earlier that it was going to be vanilla ice cream.  The pannacotta arrived in a puddle without any of the promised pistachio and the baked cheesecake was most certainly not a baked cheesecake.

The staff didn’t really help themselves when we went through our concerns over the mis-sold desserts and just looked rather blankly at us.  We were having far too good a time to state our case more strongly and so instead I just asked for some vanilla ice cream on the side to go with the brownies as the lemon sorbet pairing with chocolate was just a little bit too strange.

Service was swift though and the bubbly was poured often and generously but I don’t think it’s somewhere that will really remain on my list of brunch spots.

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12 thoughts on “Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch

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  2. That’s such a shame about the desserts – and the sash too! It’s a bit mean of them to be so strict, especially when their food doesn’t seem to matching up to the image they are trying to portray. Looking forward to reading about the rest of the celebrations!

    • They were just unnecessarily being so I think, fair enough if we were rowdy or with phallic balloons or something, but it was just an innocent sash! Never mind, we redeemed it with the fizz!

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