Lang, Shangri-La at the Shard

I’ve recently been told that I am the best at organising activities and things to do around town because not only do I know where all the cake shops are, I plan things that work around trips to said cake shops!

So one day when Mittal and I had been to eat loads of noodles at Tonkotsu, we rounded our meal off with a treat of cake at Lang, the patisserie at the bottom of the Shard.


We had les bebes in tow but the staff were extremely helpful and did some manouvering to get us a corner spot on the banquettes, although it must be said that with two babies wanting to be alternately fed and cuddled, this didn’t leave much room on the teeny tiny little tables but the larger tables were all taken so we squeezed in, desperate to try that fabulous looking cake selection.  (The cake desperation was all me incidentally)


I tried an Apricot tea and while most fruit flavoured teas don’t really resemble the fruit they’re supposed to, this one is fragrantly apricot and fabulous.  Who would have thought right, apricot tea that actually tasted like apricots?!

My chocolate temptation is just as temptingly decadent as it sounds although I did think the raspberry dust on top should have had a bit more of a tart raspberry quality to it and without it, it’s really all dense chocolatey. Not that I’m complaining mind, who on earth complains about a lovely dense gooey chocolate cake.

Mittal’s lovely cake is just as delicious and it’s a very happy hour with our cakes and tea.

This is somewhere I need to go back to have the full afternoon tea, if just that little cake precursor was so good, I’m looking forward to trying the full monty.

Lang - Shangri-La Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


6 thoughts on “Lang, Shangri-La at the Shard

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  2. I still haven’t been inside of the Shard. I dislike the thing but I have gotten over myself and I will go one day. I am just waiting for a visitor to actually go. Also, I recently learned that Londonders can get a yearly pass thing so that has made it go up in my estimation. These cakes look delicious and it is nice to know they were helpful for you as a family. I just assume they are snooty in there.

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