German Gymnasium

Large man-sized portions of meat, usually pork, washed down with great big steins of beer is usually what comes to mind when you think of German cuisine and it’s pretty much all I ate on a holiday in Berlin once so I was hoping for some more sophisticated German cuisine when I heard D&D were opening a swish new place called German Gymnasium.

Confusingly and rather disappointingly, German Gymnasium is not German, the website tells us it’s ‘Northern European’, not that I really know what Northern European food really is.  It’s also not a Gymnasium, but it used to be, the building is actually listed as it was built in 1865 as a gym for the German Gymnastics society.

Inside, it’s beautifully glamorous, high ceilings, a gorgeous display of orchids, the buzz of clinking glass, beautiful people and even some well-behaved miniature people jotted around the place.

There are two floors, the downstairs Grand cafe is more relaxed and it’s where we’re having our girls’ weekend brunch.  There’s a similar set of options available upstairs for the weekend brunch and on the last Saturday of the  month, there’s an option for unlimited bubbles.

We opt to stay downstairs, but of course we still have to order a bottle of Prosecco and get ordering from the brunch menu.

We start off with a little basket of bread and it could be flavoured with hunger, but they are delectably divine.


Bread basket

In what is an epic blogger fail, I completely forgot to take photos of our brunch! They’ll probably take away my license for that!  I had the GG Breakfast which is essentially the German Gymnasium version of a full cooked breakfast, laden with eggs, sausages, potato rosti and bacon.  It completely hits the spot but if I was being picky, I would say that it is lacking a bit of an oomph, some sort of wow factor.

No such problem when it comes to desserts though, this is where we get that ‘Northern European’ fix, Apple strudels and Black Forest gateau.

One really sweet touch is that they ask you when you come in is if you’re celebrating anything and when we said we were, dessert came out with a little Congratulations message!

We finished off with cocktails to wash down our cake, the German G&T was simply spectacular and it’s really any wonder at all that I even left the building and didn’t just move in there, sipping on cocktails all day long.

It may not be the most polished spot for serious foodies, but it’s beautiful and fun and that makes for a pretty fun time.

And as the Germans say. ‘Prost’, I’ll drink to that.

Restaurant - The German Gymnasium Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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