Bombay Brasserie, South Kensington

Bombay Brasserie brought fine Indian food to London in 1982, coincidentally the year another great Indian export was born (ME!) and they set about transforming the way the food folk of London and beyond saw Indian food. It wasn’t the high street’s favourite curry, it was something a little cut above.

Recently refurbished, the bar and cosy fireplace are a thing of beauty leading into a airy modern room dominated by glittering chandeliers and distinct artwork on the walls.

On a blustery winter’s day, the dining room was largely empty which meant that Mitzie from Mitzie’s Bubble & I are were able to be comfortably ensconced in a corner with both our baby sprogs and all their accompanying paraphenalia while still being able to admire the surrounds and order ourselves a cheeky glass of wine, guilt free!

When going to lunch with a friend, it’s essential to go with someone who has the same ordering thoughts and likes to choose a wide variety so she made the perfect dining companion!

First up, a little dish of poppadums came out and while I find the high street variety greasy and entirely useless, these were moreish and just begging to be dunked liberally into the accompanying chutney.  They also went beautifully with the glasses of Albarino that Mitzie had chosen for us, she being far better at wine selection than I am!


We decided to make the main sized portion of a Seafood Platter our starter along with the chargrilled yellow chilli paneer and since this coincided neatly with the sprogs having their afternoon naps, this was simply heaven.

The monkfish was meaty and having been liberally marinated in Kasundi, a sort of mustard ketchup, simply fell apart in the mouth.  The scallop was cooked exactly right and the cumin spiced prawn was a hefty mouthful and although I thought the soft shell crab lacked the punchy flavours of the previous seafood bites, it didn’t exactly disappoint either!

Now all Food Bloggers know that the first commandment is thou must order a large variety of food and it must all be different and preferably instagrammable.  I like to think that we did just that and we were pretty pleased with our ordering skills, especially as the gorgeous aromas started arriving at our table.

As a nod to the season, we’d opted for Venison Curry to be washed down with Dal Makhani and some Tandoori Roti and silence reigned on the table as we started munching.

I was a bit concerned the Venison Curry would be a bit too rich especially we’d already had mains masquerading as starters and it was more delicate than I could have imagined for a red meat laden liberally with onion, ginger and spices.  The coconut slivers in this dish were a winner and a little touch I think I will be replicating when making rich heavy foods.

Mitzie reckons the Dal Makhani gives the best sense on the kitchen of an Indian restaurant and while I’ve never been a huge Dal fan, this one hit the spot perfectly, warm and fragrant but again not as rich as it could have been!

We ummed and aahed for quite a while on whether we could fit in desserts and in the end, it was only the ticking clock that had us dashing out the door, realising that we’d spent a long comfortable time in the restaurant chatting and eating fabulous food without a care in the world.

As we left we were already debating when we could come back and that to me, is the sign of a great restaurant, you count down till you can come back!

Disclosure: I received a £100 voucher from the fab folk at Zomato but we covered the remaining portion of the bill ourselves.  And as always, all thoughts my own.

Bombay Brasserie - Millennium Gloucester Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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8 thoughts on “Bombay Brasserie, South Kensington

    • Ah I think it was the wording “brought fine Indian food to London in 1982″ implied that Indian fine dining didn’t exist in London before 1982,” but we ought to go sis-in-law, it’s delicious!

      And yeah, we need catchier terms.

    • Aww thank you, it’s been a few weeks since I blogged so I was actually feeling a bit nervous about publishing another post 🙂

    • Awww don’t stress about that! Sometimes a blogging break happens but its totally fine and u haven’t lost your blogging mojo 🙂 Happy new month xx

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