Brew Cafe, Wandsworth

The hipster folk of London seem to be claiming all areas of their own and it’s becoming almost impossible to go anywhere without tumbling over a line of people waiting for brunch, the fashionable weekend meal of choice.

You know that I detest waiting in line, but luckily scouts are out in advance looking for a brunch spot one weekend and they happen to have snagged us a table at Brew Cafe, a buzzing spot on Northcote Rd in Wandsworth.

The menu is ridiculously long, so come prepared with some sort of idea of what you may like as menu perusing can take quite some time.  As expected of this sort of place, it’s positively teaming with hipstery silly names – apparently the Bloody Mary includes a scud chilli but none of the staff can tell us what this is, so it’s Google to the rescue.

In case you were wondering, the Scud Chilli is the same as Thai birds eye chilli (says Monsieur Google), but I’m not sure how much of the chilli really did end up in there as the Bloody Mary is a great deal more virginal than bloody and needs a good kick in there to make it worthy of its name.

Since this is a Kiwi cafe, I’ve just got to have the sweetcorn fritters, which are fantastic,  a respectably large portion with the crispiest of crispy bacon.

Husband is equally happy with his choice of chorizo eggs on sourdough and the Eggs Royale and Brew breakfast salad are met with equal approval.

One issue I do have with the trendy Northcote Rd joints is that is doesn’t offer up much in the way of a long lingering brunch, you tend to eat your breakfast (admittedly delicious breakfast) but instead of settling in with that second cup of coffee , you can’t help but feel pangs of guilt at those long lines of suckers punters standing outside and so you depart to give them a chance!

All in all though, it’s definitely somewhere I could come back to.  A decent sweetcorn fritter making joint is not to be sneezed at, hipstery or not!

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2 thoughts on “Brew Cafe, Wandsworth

  1. OMG you’ve just made me realise why I’m not a big “bruncher”. It’s coz I’m not cool enough. I’m too grumpy about queuing and disappearing scud chilis!

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