The Plumtree Cafe, Greenwich

Family friendly restaurants and cafes can be a bit of a dirty word to those without children, there are usually munchkins underfoot and the food far too often features only deep fried and/or breaded items that bear little resemblance to what they’re meant to be i.e. Fish Fingers and Chicken nuggets.

Before the sprog came along, we firmly avoided all family cafes, but when we went to meet some friends for breakfast, who did have kids, they recommended the Plumtree Cafe and we went along, somewhat apprehensively.

This is the place to bring the kids, that much is for sure. There’s a funky little children’s playground/ oversized dolls house at the back which is positively crawling with mites of all ages playing with the variety of toys and books strewn around and having the times of their lives.


Playhouse at the back

If you’re one of the non-family brigade, you need to get a table at the front but for those at the back, being able to keep an eye on shrieking children while still enjoying a hearty breakfast is a win/win.

My scrambled eggs on toast is fantastic, others opt for the `Full English (They have the ‘best’ brand of sausages here which get a big thumbs up) and coffees and hot drinks are beautifully made and so both the family/ non-family brigade are happy!


Despite the general air of chaos (To be expected) staff are cheerful, happily navigate the obstacle course of children underfoot and seem to be in no hurry to excavate you from the premises, despite settling in for our 3rd round of hot drinks!

All in all, I’m impressed! And when the sprog’s older, he’ll be only too happy to be tumbling around in the lovely play area at the back and we can grab a breather with some excellently made coffees.
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