Feast Happy Review: Gourmet dining at home

What do you do when you’re too tired/ can’t be bothered to cook? Is pizza your take-out weakness? It’s certainly the default choice of lazy food in my house, but what happens when you don’t have the energy to cook, but you also want some really nice food?  Like really really nice food.

My husband will argue that pizza does actually count as really nice food, and sure sometimes that gaping carb/ cheese/ processed meats hole in your stomach needs to be sated but there’s other times I want something that comes with a side of vegetables, darn it!

There are no shortages to how you can get food delivered to your door, you can get pizza, there’s some excellent sushi delivery services doing the rounds, you can even get high end restaurants to plate up and be at your door, but the problem here is that everything is already cooked and so despite all the best packaging in the world, usually arrives a bit cold!

How do you get around that? What’s unique about Feast Happy is that they do the restaurant food thing, made by chefs at Rochelle’s canteen, but they bring it to you just partially under-done so you finish it off in the oven for 20 minutes yourself and bang, you’ve got yourself a hot, fabulous meal.

We trialled the Feast Happy experience at a dinner party at their place in Chapel St.  We kicked off with warm breads dipped in olive oil, cocktails and a lovely pepper and feta salad.

The main event was a choice of either the Oxtail Stew with Barley and Kale, or the vegetarian Artichoke, Kale and Barley Stew.

I wasn’t feeling too meaty so I opted for the artichoke, but I admit, I had some serious food envy when the others were digging into their oxtail.  It was huge and warming and I could feel my insides cry out for a bite.  Luckily Connie of ConnieConsumes is a lovely lady and despite just meeting her that day, I stole a bite.  A big bite.

The portion comes with everything, it’s got barley, it’s got meat, it’s got a side of veg, everything you need for a fully nutritious and hot meal.  And it tasted amazing.  Which is obviously the most important bit!

Feast Happy package

Feast Happy package

The company is still in their infancy so right now, their delivery area is small, but we need to support them so they can grow and bring us more chefs and more meals, delivered in an eco-friendly way to our front doors to heat up for ourselves.

They really focus on farm to fork provenance, which is ever so fashionable, but here’s a company that’s actually really doing it all while providing a fabulous product.

Deliveries are all made on bikes and you can order as late as 5pm that day for dinner to arrive at your door that evening, so they’ve got some pretty impressive logistics behind them and the packaging is all 100% recyclable so you can eat completely guilt free.

I’m just waiting for them to include some wines and desserts in their offering and I will be a happy eater!

Disclosure: I attended the Feast Happy dinner part with Zomato and a bunch of other lovely bloggers, but as you know, I always speak my mind.  They’re a great start up who deserve your custom, so get ordering!


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