Street Feast: Hawker House, Canada Water

Hawker House is the new player on the Street Feast scene and this winter it comes to my hood in Canada Water.  Since Thursday was preview night and TimeOut sending out tickets by the bus load, I went along to see the new lay of the land.

The warehouse is huge and unlike other events run by Street Feast, this one is laden with plenty of seating, plenty of oil barrels to perch at and eat and drink.

and there’s plenty to eat and drink – 6 bars, numerous traders and it takes me at least 2 rounds of walking around to decide what I wanted to eat.

I can’t get past Rola Wala’s Indian inspired Naan sliders and my first order of business is a Grilled chicken street naan.  It’s zingy and spicy and with the addition of some pickled radish and cucumber, it’s very fresh tasting for Indian food!


Busan BBQ does what they call Ameri-Korean street food and I have a little Korean chilli belly pork on a crispy spring onion pajeon with sweet chilli sauce and pickled mooli.
Busan BBQ Spicy Pork slider

On my visit, only one shop is open for dessert – Meringue Girls.  They had a cute display of Halloween Meringue ghosts and a drool inducing menu and of course, my eyes went immediately to Ferrero Rocher Profiteroles.  This was just as amazing as it sounded, rich but not too heavy and littered with crunchy nuts.  I did think that there should be more chocolate, but that’s usually my default setting for all chocolate-themed desserts.


Hawker House will run every weekend until mid-December 2015 and will start again at the end of January, running all spring next year until 2nd April.

Hawker House is located a short walk from Canada Water station.  Entry is free before 7pm and after that, it’s £3.


6 thoughts on “Street Feast: Hawker House, Canada Water

  1. So, I was living under a rock and didn’t realise the meringue girls existed. Then someone introduced me to the Instagram account a week or so ago and now I see them popping up EVERYWHERE. I need more meringue in my life, it’s a sign.

  2. Ahhh I was there that night too! Missed you! Agree with Lisa, think it’s their best yet! How cute were the meringues!!

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