Use your loaf! Love Food, Hate Waste

Are you a bread lover? If you love the carb as much as I, then you would be horrified at much bread we throw away every year – 24 million slices, a whole 1.3 million loaves of bread!  This equates to almost a third of all the bread that’s ever been bought, which seems a fearful waste!

Loaves of bread are just one part of the food wastage, a total 7 million tonnes of food are wasted from our homes alone and I know in our house, we’re guilty of some waste, usually the wet greasy dregs of lettuce that weren’t eaten in time!

To get us all feeding a bit more accountable, Love Food Hate Waste have launched a campaign called ‘Use your Loaf’ with 2014 GBBO winner Nancy Birtwhistle spearheading the cause.  A bunch of bloggers gathered to hear what it was all about and of course get in a sneaky pic with Nancy!

We were treated to a mini 3-course meal – tuna nicoise salad with little black olive croutons, a light moussaka of mince and lentils and the best of all, a summer berry pudding!

At the end of the meal, we had the big reveal.  All 3 of these dishes used some form of stale bread!  Stale just meaning that it wasn’t quite as fresh as it could be, but of course not mouldy or anything!  And what’s more, all these dishes actually needed the use of stale rather than fresh bread otherwise they simply wouldn’t have been as good.  The nicoise salad needed a dash of olive croutons, the moussaka had a bread topping mixed with cheese and all of the summer pudding needed a healthy dose of the bread.  Did you know summer pudding is made up of bread? I had no idea and it’s definitely something I’m keen to try!

Do you have any creative uses for stale bread?  You can read more about Nancy’s creative little tips here – I’m heading straight to make the pudding myself!


6 thoughts on “Use your loaf! Love Food, Hate Waste

  1. Isn’t stale bread supposed to be great for mopping up excess makeup that’s gotten onto the nice white collar of your shirt? Am I imagining things? I remember Oprah or someone telling me this in the 90s…

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