Iberica Terazza, Canary Wharf

Alfresco dining in Canary Wharf takes the form of Iberica Terazza and normally the concrete paradise of Canary Wharf isn’t one for enjoying the sun but there’s a little corner of a restaurant tucked under the square with a bit of a water feature that’s a surprise treat to find.

The main Iberica restaurant is actually a bricks and mortar sort of place across the road and this little terrace set up is mainly small bites, but that suits us so we order up a bit of a selection.

Huevos rotos is eggs and chips, which normally I would avoid like the plague but I was intrigued by the addition of green garlicky asparagus, which lifted this dish into the stars!  The sourdough calamari baguette was warm and chewy and richly dolloped with aioli and the Jamon platter was as delectable as ham always is!

The Terrace isn’t really conducive to a big sit down lunch so if you fancy a bigger meal, I suggest hopping on over to the main restaurant, but if you’re craving a snack, the sounds of flowing water, twinkling lights interspersed with fairy lights, this is the place to be.

Square Meal


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