Brunching at Surrey Docks Farm

In this city of concrete and increasing levels of high rise construction, it may surprise you to know that there are a number of farms in central London.  Actual proper farms, with livestock, some large, some small, all working to bring a bit of country living to our urban sprawl.

I’ve been to City Farm before for brunch before the days of the sprog, where I was more interested in the food offerings, but with friends visiting with their own sprogs in tow, I was out to find child friendly entertainment in the centre of London but crucially, one that also would speak to my foodie roots.

Enter Surrey Docks Farm, a beautiful location right on the river and best of all, only a short stroll from my house!

What’s lovely about this farm is that not only is there all the usual farm sort of stuff that keeps the kids entertained, but the river view means that we also spent a good half hour watching for boats through the children’s eyes, which suddenly made the Thames an awful lot more exciting than it usually is.

But you know me, all this childlike excitement was building up a thirst and hunger and so we decamped to the on site cafe for what is my favourite meal of the day, brunch!

There are families dotted everywhere and even though its a busy weekend morning, there’s still lots of room to pull up a pew and get ordering!

The menu is decent, plenty to choose from and we have a selection of Turkish eggs, French toast and avocados and eggs on toast – the kids have choices like beans or eggs on toast, all with a healthy selection of coffees and fresh juices.  My smashed avocados and fried eggs on toast are exactly as they described, garnished with some chilli flakes, they make for a zingy start to the weekend.

The kids are happy, the adults are happy and once our own sprog is old enough to actually appreciate the animals and not just sleep through the whole thing, we will be back!

Piccalilli Cafe can be found at Surrey Quays farm, Rotherhithe, London SE16 5ET – it’s a short walk from either Rotherhithe or Canada Water station.



3 thoughts on “Brunching at Surrey Docks Farm

    • I’ve been to that one too, it’s a great little fuelling stop before Columbia Flower market on Sundays! Come round this way to this one, it’s a lot quieter!

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