Backing Black at the Rugby World Cup 2015

Religion, politics and money.  Before entering into any sort of long-term relationship, you need to make sure you’ve thoroughly thought through and worked out these three major pillars.  If however, you are from different countries, you need to add one more major factor: Sporting Loyalties.

When we found out the sprog was on his way, we did what all sensible parents-to-be would do and worked out in advance exactly which teams he would be lending his newborn allegiance to.  It’s Norwich for the football and England as his home country, when he watches cricket he can choose as there are varying levels of talent in the England, Indian and NZ cricketing camps and when it comes to Rugby, there is no better choice than the All Blacks.  The latter is especially fitting as this is the year of the Rugby World Cup and we are all backing black.

Team All Blacks

Team All Blacks

What makes this year’s World Cup so exciting is not only that it is in my adopted England, but also that I got to go to NZ’s opening game against Argentina!

Kitbag sent me a top, my sister bought one too and with ferns painted on our faces, we could support them in style!

Backing Black

I won’t lie, it was a stressful game.  The All Blacks didn’t play quite as well as they should have, but it made for 80 minutes of heart pumping excitement!

But it all worked out at the end.  NZ won the game with a couple of tries in the second half and we finally won with a 10 point lead at 26-16.

End result

Kiwis all over the world are pinning their hopes and dreams on these boys and I’ll be watching each game with nervous anticipation and hopefully the All Blacks can be World Cup champions once again.

I’m backing black.  What about you?


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