Waffle On at the Watch House

Before my acquaintance with Waffle On and their dazzling array of flavours and toppings, I always associated waffles with the oft-dry, slightly tasteless slice of batter, on which a whole heap of maple syrup or perhaps ice cream would be dumped, thus masking the actual taste of what was underneath.

But then I started hanging out at Maltby St Market and there was Waffle On.  And they had flavours like Southern fried chicken with Maple butter, dry cure bacon with biodynamic egg and canadian maple syrup and Goats cheese with a blueberry coulis, fresh figs and blueberries.  Need I say more?

But it’s not always possible to get to Maltby Street market and once you’re there and spoiled for choice, you don’t always make it to the waffle guys and so I was really happy to hear that Waffle On were doing a little residency at the Watch House cafe, right on the corner of Bermondsey St and having not been there before, I went along to the launch to sample their wares.

Trying to choose between one of these was harder than Sophie’s choice, but after a lot of painful umming and aaahing I opted for the southern fried chicken as it sounded the most intriguing.


I was not disappointed, the waffle actually tasted of something, it was warm and just the right level of chewy, complemented perfectly by the slightly spicy chicken and slightly sweet butter and it was also quite filling for such a small little thing.   With the sprog in the house, I couldn’t stay out too long so I didn’t get a chance to have one of the dessert ones (probably all for the best given the ever expanding waistline) but I vowed that I would be back quick smart.

Making plans to see friends that weekend, we were debating options and I immediately suggested the Watch House.  We met for coffees and ogled their selection of cakes, but craving something a bit more and let’s be honest, still dreaming about those waffles, I suggested a meander to nearby Maltby St.

We explored, we chatted, we looked through Maltby & Druid St markets (A post on that coming soon!) but I was still thinking about those waffles…

This time I went for the goat’s cheese, fresh fig and blueberry coulis and all I can say is that from that day on, I have spent numerous hours thinking about it, planning how to recreate it and wondering exactly how many friends I can persuade to meet me for a waffle just so I can have this again!

Goats Cheese, Fig and Blueberry waffle

Goats Cheese, Fig and Blueberry waffle

The only thing that could improve this waffle would be a warm and cosy spot to sit in out of the rain and to wash it down with an excellent coffee, which is basically exactly what the Watch House is offering! Waffle On will be waffling on from 5pm – 10pm every day and while I do wish that they’d make it an all day affair, I’ll have to at least be grateful they are there some of the time!

The Watch House can be found at 199 Bermondsey Street, SE1 3UW, which is a short walk from Maltby/ Druid St markets and London Bridge Station.

Disclosure: I was invited to the launch of Waffle On at the Watch House, but as you can see, I only ever tell you what I think and have already put my money where my mouth is and gone back for more.

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