Mindful Eating Challenge

Mindful eating is the new buzz word on the dietary scene and what’s best about it is that it doesn’t actually involve dieting at all! All Mindful eating means is that we ought to savour our food, reduce our reliance on processed foods and take the time to appreciate what you’re eating – even if what you’re eating happens to be cake!

Legal & General got in touch to ask if I could handle a 5-day Mindful eating challenge and since I’ve been meaning to up my culinary game since well, forever, it was a good time to get on board. For my troubles and perhaps because they knew that meal planning and I don’t always see eye to eye, they sent over a week’s worth of food with a Hello Fresh box – you know, it’s one of those boxes that supply you with every single ingredient you need to see a week of meals through.


All the ingredients for Tiger Prawn Linguine

I admit, I used to be sceptical about those boxes, but they’re pretty great. For someone as culinary challenged and I, and with a newborn in the house, this was perfect! Absolutely everything I could require at my fingertips – genius. Over the week, I followed all the recipes and made – Chicken Chorizo Paella, a Pork & Apple burger with rosemary fries, Chinese chilli stir fry, Sausages and sweet potato mash and Tiger prawn linguine.

I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed taking an hour out in the evenings to put these meals together, usually as far as cooking goes, I’m far better at talking about it (Thanks to my fondness for Food TV) than I am actually doing it – but I am converted.  And as a knock on effect, I did find that I thought about what I ate just that little bit more.    I even spent one morning coffee break compiling recipes from my Olive magazine just to carry on the challenge!

Olive magazine

Olive magazine

And now here’s where I need your help. To ensure I don’t fall off the mindful wagon and revert back to my usual motley array of foods, what are some of your favourite recipes that will help me eat fresher and more mindful?

Disclosure: I was gifted with a Hello Fresh box to promote Legal & General’s post


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