Lobos Tapas, London Bridge

There are three new wolves on the Spanish foodie scene – ex Brindisa chef Roberto Castro, Joel Placeros and Ruben Maza have opened their own little slice of Tapas brilliance in the form of Lobos (meaning wolf) right smack in the middle of Borough Market, cheekily only a stone’s throw from Brindisa.

Borough Market is a tough gig on the weekends, being incredibly crowded with fellow foodie folk and while there’s now a little spot to grab your food and grab a seat, it’s still kind of hard to do with babies in tow, and having heard about this new opening, I wondered over to see if there’d be happy to accomodate 2 (hopefully) well behaved babies and their Mums in tow.

Truthfully, I was expecting some kind of polite agreement with a sense of trepidation behind their words.  I was definitely not expecting to be welcomed with open arms, assistance offered to settle the babies into a cosy spot and given ample time to settle in, feed the babies and only when we were ready, did they come over to help us order.

The interior isn’t really geared for babies it is true, it’s tucked away under the railway bridge and the ground floor is the bar space with some small tables and some spots with bar stools, but luckily it’s a quiet weekday so we manage to grab a small table.

We’re celebrating motherhood so of course, cava is a must while we think about what to have.  Now the menu isn’t exactly vegetarian (or pescetarian) friendly, but what would you expect with a name that means ‘Wolf’.

Ruben is on hand to help us order and so first on the agenda is a Ham, Chorizo and Cheese platter and my absolute favourite Spanish snack, Padron Peppers.  These are just perfectly more-ish to go with our drinks and far from satisfying, only whet the appetite for more.

Ruben recommends that we go for the Iberico Pork Selection – at £26.5, it’s one of the pricier elements of the menu but its an ode to pork and is hefty enough to be well worth every penny.  Pork fillet, Pork secreto and Presa all to share.  We also can’t resist the sound of that seafood with garlic and chilli and as a nod to some sort of greens, the green salad.

The pork is utterly delectable, I could have eaten this all the live long day.  The green salad is an odd combination of ingredients like courgette and green beans but with it’s light lemony dressing, it just all works, especially to counteract the richness of the pork.  The seafood is delectably garlicky but I do wish that there was a bit of bread on hand to mop up all the liquidy goodness.

Finally to dessert and it’s pure greed but we need to keep our strength up as the babies are rising so it’s a dense chocolate cake and a dulce de leche cheesecake to share, in keeping with the tapas sharing theme.

The chocolate cake could justifiably be renamed ‘Death by Chocolate’, – a huge pile of chocolate mousse lives on top of a layer of chocolate cake and liberally dressed with nuts.  I do feel like the pistachio could also be incorporated as a flavour into the cake, as you can’t really discern the subtle pistachio taste against the rich chocolate.

You’d imagine Dulce de Leche cheesecake to be impossibly rich, but actually not so.  I’m not a huge cheesecake fan but it’s surprisingly light and not at all overpoweringly sweet! Perhaps I could be converted yet.

When we finally leave, it’s with a sense of leaving behind a family – we’ve been so welcomed and left to order bits and graze in our own time, in between baby time and chatting to the owners about their own families! It’s utterly unexpected and I cannot wait to be back.

Lobos Tapas can be found at 14 Borough High St, London Bridge SE1 9QG, which is right next door to Southwark Cathedral under the railway arches.  And you know what’s really fabulous – you can even make a reservation!  Which you should do quick smart, as this place is going to get busy quick.


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