Dining in the sky, flying First Class with BA

“We’re going on a baby-moon”, I exclaim excitedly to friends. Simultaneously, the husband is telling friends “We’re going to watch England test cricket in the Caribbean”.  We exchange incredulous looks – how can two people going on the same trip be taking such different holidays?  I’m thinking sun, sea, sand, virgin cocktails and the husband is thinking of joining the Barmy Army to follow England’s test cricket!

As it turns out, the holiday of two halves worked out pretty perfectly – Week 1 in Grenada watching A LOT of cricket (Thankfully England won or I would have been grumpy!) and Week 2 spent doing the sun, sea and cocktail thing in Saint Lucia.  But first, a heavily pregnant me had to cross the Atlantic and head over to Grenada – so what better way to kick off this cricket holiday babymoon than flying first class with BA.

Before taking off, it was a tough call to say what I was more excited about – the first class bit or the Caribbean holiday.  We used all our Avios points to upgrade and with the arrival of the sprog, it’s unlikely I’ll ever be flying like this again, so I wanted to make the most of it! Now first class passengers flying from Heathrow get the benefit of spa treatments, swanky lounges and the like……….. while passengers who fly to the Caribbean get Gatwick airport where you get a lounge more akin to the loser room where they hide the passengers they’re ashamed of!

Once on board, champagne in hand (not for me alas!) and comfortably tucked in, I was ready for my favourite part – fine dining in the sky!

The menu is expectedly fantastic – not very different to a fine dining restaurant and so I settle in to scallops to start and lamb fillet with red wine jus for main.

The table is laid with linen and your meal arrives in courses – warm bread and butter to begin, followed by my courses complete with real china and cutlery, all adding to a special experience hurtling through the sky as I watch my movie.  The food isn’t of course as good as a restaurant, but it’s certainly a great deal better than any meals I’ve ever had on board before! Most of the time, I bring snacks on board with me to avoid eating the fare so this was a lovely surprise.

They saved the best bit for dessert – regular readers will know all about my unashamed love of the retro Black Forest cake and this one is divine! It was moist and fresh with a quality to match any patisserie!

Black Forest Cake

Hubby opts instead for a cheeseboard and this is a meaty offering, one he’s incredibly happy to be munching on whilst stretching his legs!

After a few hours have passed and I’m on to movie #2, another offer of great food rolls up – this time in the form of afternoon tea! Who am I to say no to a real life afternoon tea in the sky?!  The sandwich selection and tea is exactly as per their on the ground counterparts and I’m so absorbed in munching, I ate all my cake before taking a photo – a major food blogger faux pas!


It’s so comfortable eating and drinking while reclining in my seat, the time just flies on by and it’s almost disappointing to be arriving at our destination, but it’s time to get off the plane and explore what Grenada has to offer… and catch some cricket of course!


7 thoughts on “Dining in the sky, flying First Class with BA

  1. I loved travelling first class!! I think it’s a really good idea for somewhere like the Caribbean. We’re going to St Lucia in two month and the flight leaves at 10am and takes about 8 hours, meaning I’ll be awake for the whole flight. It makes the upgrade more worthwhile than if you’re just going to be asleep 🙂
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    • That’s the flight we took too, as Grenada is an onward connection! The lounge at Gatwick is a real disappointment though, hopefully it’s glammed up in time for your flight!

  2. This looks just totally amazing. I only flew with BA in Business Class yet and the food was a little disappointment. But the offerings in First Class look amazing indeed. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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