Bleecker St Burgers, Southbank pop-up

Everyone’s got a view on what the best burgers in London are, such is the burger craze that has shown no signs of abating. For my part, I’m a long time Patty and Bun fan, but Barry, the man in the know of all things burger related tells me that Bleecker St is in fact, where it’s at.

So strolling through Southbank and spotting a Bleecker St burger pop up van, a short queue and a couple of spots available on the picnic tables, it seemed like we finally had our chance to try these guys out.

Since the menu is short and sweet, it’s easy enough to order.  A couple of cheeseburgers, one with bacon and one without and we absolutely have to try something called ‘Angry Fries’, so we add that to the list as well to share between us.

The cheeseburgers were good, the meat well seasoned and cooked, going perfectly with the soft bun and cheese and I have no complaints, it just didn’t WOW me like I had expected it would.  Were my expectations too high, had I heard too much about them or was it just that their pop-up wasn’t best suited to my first try of these famed burgers?

The Angry fries are made angry by a concoction of blue cheese and Franks hot sauce poured over them and I think had I known that, I probably wouldn’t have ordered it – I like Frank’s hot sauce but I have a bottle at home and to me, this tasted no different than me pouring a bit of sauce on some oven chips at home.  No mention of the blue cheese sauce, which frankly I couldn’t taste at all.

Angry fries

Angry fries

Bleecker St Burger pop-up will be hanging out at Southbank until 30th September.  Try them out and tell me if you think my experience was what you would expect from Bleecker St Burgers?

What’s your favourite London burger joint?


2 thoughts on “Bleecker St Burgers, Southbank pop-up

  1. I too have heard amazingly good things. This makes me a little sad, when you get your hopes up and it doesn’t live up, and then you’re left wondering if it’s your fault for expecting too much… Burger politics can be difficult. x

  2. I try to have a different burger every time I travel up to London to satisfy my addiction which started in New Zealand – where they have really got the burger thing nailed. In London my favourite was the excellent Honest Burger. But now I am totally hooked on Five Guys.

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