Breakfast Club, Battersea

You will have walked past queues of people trying to get into one of these places and probably wondering, if you haven’t succumbed to curiosity already, what the fuss really is all about.  I absolutely detest queueing to get into somewhere, so breakfast is very bright and early one Saturday morning (8am) when the queues don’t exist and we have the place pretty much to ourselves.

The interiors are bright and cheerful and we have a booth to ourselves to settle into.

The drinks deserve a mention on their own – they have the usual variety of coffees, made up to whatever way you prefer your cup of joe but also milkshakes and even a bloody mary on the menu, which the boys commandeer as their orders almost immediately.  The shake is rich and frothy and comes in an American style steel mug and the bloody mary is zingy and spicy and I wish I was having one of those too!

I love that there are some twists on the breakfast beyond the usual eggs and Full English, there’s a strong American theme with pancakes and burritos and huevos rancheros featuring heavily on the menu so everyone orders off piste from the usual Full English orders, so traditional for a weekend fry-up.

I opt for the French toast with bacon and banana, an American staple and one we need to adopt as the odd combination of bacon, banana and maple syrup work very well together.  The Huevos Al Benny is an intriguing rift on the traditional eggs benedict and the huevos rancheros comes with a side of richly flavoured beans and salsa, which all work so well together.  The burrito of course is not much to look at from the outside, but has a jumble of all the good breakfasty things on the inside, which gets another big thumbs up.

I’m beginning to see exactly why all those people crowd around outside, just waiting for a chance to get in.  Despite the fact that the queues are building outside, they seem to be in no hurry to usher us out, we linger on for a second round of drinks and there’s no sense that they’re trying to turn tables, but just allowing us to enjoy breakfast in the leisurely fashion that Saturdays were designed for.

We’ll come back for sure, but I’m not sure I’ll ever have the patience to queue!

Breakfast Club in Battersea can be found at 5-9 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG, you can’t reserve but there are a few more dotted around London!

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5 thoughts on “Breakfast Club, Battersea

  1. I’ve walked past sooooo many times, too. I just can not queue. I get waaaay to hangry and no restaurant deserves the spectacle of dealing with a hangry Mayfairy. It would be a nightmare.

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