Brunch at Tom’s kitchen, Canary Wharf

Is there really anything better than pulling a Sex and the City style brunch with your favourite girlfriends, where food isn’t the only thing on the menu, in fact it’s the secondary concern when you consider that the main order of the day is a big fat order of juicy catching up on each other’s goings on. Of course for me, food is never far for my mind, so I can’t help but divert a great deal of attention to this side event.

The venue: Tom’s Kitchen, Canary Wharf.  I found my previous experience of Tom’s kitchen in Chelsea to be mediocre, but that was 3 years ago now so it’s time for a retrial.

Like it’s Chelsea counterpart, the restaurant is all blonde wood and airy and light, but since it’s in Canary Wharf, it’s lacking the yummy mummy buggies and instead has a bit of a younger contingency already installed when we arrive.



Prices are similar to that of the Chelsea branch and for brunch on a weekend, you can choose between the breakfast offerings as well as the brunch options which makes for everyone happy to choose between whether they’re in the mood for lunch or breakfast.

Eggs Royale are a favourite of mine, anything that comes with smoked salmon is such a luxury and this is cooked just perfectly. Two of the girls are feeling more along the lines of burgers and the big fat chunky chips are proving especially popular.  I’ve never had Kedgeree before and this ones comes with lovely chunks of smoked haddock and boiled eggs, very close to a Risotto, but somehow acceptable on the breakfast front.

The food this time is infinitely superior to what I’d expect, my cucumber, apple and mint juice is freshly squeezed and cold and the service is smoothly faultless.  All in all, I’m pretty happy that I gave Tom’s Kitchen another chance and I would do so again!

Tom’s Kitchen can be found at 11 Westferry Circus, London E14 4HD, it’s quite busy so I’d recommend booking in if you want to guarantee a table otherwise you should still be ok to walk in.

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