Tozi, Victoria

An Italian joint that isn’t just pizza and pasta, Tozi is another one of those to join the ranks of the small plates trend. You can barely fall over in London now without landing nose-first into a small plates sort of restaurant, Bocca Di Lupo is one that immediately springs to mind that does the Italian sharing concept oh so well, but there are so so many more to choose from.

So let’s find out how Tozi lives up to the mark. Tozi is located only a short distance away from Victoria station, ideal for theatre goers and others like me who work in the area, but have long lamented the lack of good solid restaurants around here.  Tozi is actually connected to the Park Plaza hotel, which isn’t immediately obvious but makes no difference to punters like us who simply wander by.

The inside is all modern and airy, on a warm summers day all that glass does lend itself to a little bit of a greenhouse effect, but it’s certainly a very pleasant room to be in.  I love a menu where you all just dive in and order up any number of things, that’s basically the best bit about dining a la small plates.

I’ll spare you the pain of a detailed review of every single dish, but I’ll say this much.  There was a lot of silence during a lunch of 6 people, so busy was everyone diving forks and spoons into different plates and spooning different helpings onto their plates, social niceties went a little bit out of the window.  There’s not much I can say that’s more flattering to describe a meal than completely ignoring one’s dining companions in favour of focussing on the food.

Dessert just had to be done and the room was split between the Tiramisu and the ‘Bring me chocolate’ which was a hunk of chocolate brownie, living up exactly to its name.  Desserts with coffee and booze are my weakness so of course I went for the Tiramisu and it was light and creamy with a gorgeously boozy hit to round up my afternoon.

We left warm and fuzzily content (that could be the booze talking), determined to come back another day, this time to attempt to socialise with our lunch companions.

Tozi can be found at 8 Gillingham Street, Victoria, London SW1V 1HJ, just a short walk from Victoria station.  Reservations are recommended.

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9 thoughts on “Tozi, Victoria

  1. Silence is hands down the best commender of flavour (though gets a bit awkward when the waiters pop up to ask how your meal is, and you can only mmmmhmmmm at them ;D)

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