Breakfast at Pimlico Fresh

It doesn’t matter how trendy brunching is becoming in London, there still aren’t enough happy friendly cafes in London – there are those places that require a queue around the block (no thanks) or those that require you to book a few years in advance, but still there lacks the neighbourhood friendly cafe that serves up stonkingly good food and coffee.

I’m always complaining about Victoria’s lack of foodie finds but only a short stone’s throw from Victoria station, in the suburb of Pimlico lies the fresh find of Pimlico Fresh.  It’s busy yes, but the communal pine scrubbed tables as well as a few others dotted around means that there’s plenty of room to find yourself a spot should you want to squeeze in.

Big chalkboard menus are up on the walls and there’s also a gleaming cabinet full to the brim so choosing my breakfast options are proving to be rather a challenge.

In the end, I go classic.  Avocados and salsa on sourdough toast and for my friend, mushrooms on sourdough with a fried egg on top to add a punch, washed down with coffees and smoothies of course.

Just look at those glistening colours of my breakfast, doesn’t that make you feel virtuous just looking at it! It was light and fresh but still filling and left me with a spring in my step for the whole day.  The coffees were not quite as good, but still did the job.  My friend pronounced her mushrooms and eggs on toast equally good and we both pondered how something so simple looking somehow never really gets replicated at home!

By the time we left (10:30am) the place was positively buzzing, with eagle eyes scouring our almost empty plates to see if we were near finishing and this is clearly a popular place with locals and those in the know.  If I’m ever around, I’ll be sure to pop in and see what can tempt me from those cabinets for lunch.

For now though, I’m pretty happy with finding another string to my bow for what’s on offer in Victoria.

Pimlico Fresh can be found at 86-87 Wilton Rd, Victoria, London SW1V 1DN.  It’s just a short walk from Victoria station, they don’t take reservations but it shouldn’t be too hard to get a table should you need one.

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