La Fromagerie 

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes out there with clever names, some delicious puns, but none can conjure up the mouthwatering effects of a restaurant of cheese.  A casual cafe-style exterior just off Marylebone High St belies a large and bustling interior, full to the brim with cafe-style tables and chairs, fresh fruit and veg dotted around and plenty of goodies up for sale.  And of course, there’s a whole ROOM dedicated to cheese.

Menus are printed up daily and all feature today’s date so you know what’s been freshly made that day.  Despite this, the menu is large and extensive and it’s really pretty hard to make a decision!

There’s so much choice that we just have to order up a selection of things to share – a classic Charcuterie platter, grilled artichokes, caponata and a candied beetroot and heritage carrot salad with goats curd.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Caponata, it has always seemed like an inferior ratatouille, but today I take back every negative thought or word I’ve ever had about this humble dish.  In the hands of the folk at La Fromagerie, this dish is genius.  It’s a teeny bit sour and the flavours just work.  It just goes to show how much fresh vegetables can make such a huge difference in the hands of someone who knows what they’re making.  For this and the heritage carrots and candied beetroot salad alone, I would turn vegetarian. They have such strong unique flavours you simply do not notice the absence of meat, which is saying quite a lot for a carnivore like myself.

The charcuterie platter is generously laden, very good value for a large platter at £16.  I’ve had sharing plates in Soho that have offered a quarter of the volume of food for this price.  All up, everything works together perfectly – it’s a veritable lunchtime feast.  I’ve ordered some freshly squeezed orange juice to wash it down with and there’s bottles of water on the table which is a nice touch.

It’s awfully hard to resist the urge to pick up all the foodstuffs and knick knacks lying around, which I suppose is part of the plan, but it’s all beautifully and subtly laid out, it’s really hard not to be thoroughly charmed by the place.

They do takeaway as well, so on another day, I’ll be picking up a picnic and making for nearby Regent’s Park for a Charcuterie and Cheese picnic.  Care to join me?

La Fromagerie can be found at 2-6 Moxon Street, London W1U 4EW.

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6 thoughts on “La Fromagerie 

  1. Sounds amazing – a basket full of cheese, salads and charcuterie makes for the perfect picnic. I’d be sure to pick up some of the carrot and candied beetroot salad too. Sounds right up my street! Not I just need to get to London….

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