BBQs and Summer with George at Asda

Is it summer yet?  At this time of year, every day is an earnest plea to the weather gods that it be sunny, be warm and herald the official onset of a period of time we can hang our hats on and claim as official summer-dom.  Blue skies, while welcome, aren’t always a guarantor, it needs the addition of some solid hours of heat.

Amongst friends and colleagues, hours of time are dedicated to dissecting the latest weather reports, Accuweather accuracy hotly debated and the big question of exactly what to wear every morning for optimal comfort is a daily issue.  But in the 30s family, sunshine means one thing: it’s the start of BBQ season.  Meals are planned according to how easily they can be cooked outside (My intake of grilled foods increases substantially about now) and hayfever be damned, one shall sit outside!

In London though, sitting outside of your home is a bit of a luxury and with outdoor furniture usually designed for houses a lot larger than this humble abode, dragging the dining table and chairs out is usually required to make for comfortable seating.  So imagine my excitement when George at Asda got in touch recently to have a look at their newly launched Outdoor collection for the summer.  You may recall that I was pretty impressed by their fab clothing quality and selection back at Christmas and it seems their Outdoor shtuff is no different.

The Borneo selection was my favourite – it all fit into one neat cube (Highly essential for the space conscious Londoner) and even more importantly, didn’t require any installation! This little cube comes with 4 seats so we can have company over, or if it’s a meal for 2, then there’s space to put our feet up and soak up the rays.  The cushions come separately so those can easily be stacked away for another day!

On a recent sunny weekend we gave this a try.  Friends came around, Prosecco was poured and we rustled up some easy grub that could all be cooked and/or finished on the BBQ.  The menu: Roasted sweet potatoes, Butterfly garlic prawns and a Spatchcock chicken all washed down with Millionaire’s shortbread for afters.

And that in a nutshell is how we do BBQ’s.  There’ll be plenty more of these to come this summer, even if just for us and our new seating will mean that we’ll be able to run outside every time the sun appears.
Disclosure: This post was all thanks to the generous folk at George at Asda who sent over the furniture to review.  Now that I’ve tried and tested it (as have my guests), I can vouch for its quality and will not hesitate to recommend them for another garden buy!  I’ve got my eye on those Outdoor heaters next, to extend BBQ season for even longer!

2 thoughts on “BBQs and Summer with George at Asda

  1. This is going to be perfect weather later in the week when it’s going to hit 30° methinks! 🙂

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