A lunch delivery from City Pantry

Years of office-based work have taught me that 11am is the witching hour where no matter how busy you are, what urgent tasks you may be embroiled in, 11am is when your brain starts wondering what to have for lunch.  And then you casually ask your workmates what they’re having for lunch.  And then conversation turns to which of the lunch chains you have in your workplace’s immediate vicinity you wish to patronise for lunch today.

My workplace has exactly 2 options for the chain-store lunch so these conversations tend to be rather short.  Occasionally someone throws in a curveball by having brought their own lunch in and if they’ve brought in the culinary jackpot, this can lead to much resentment and we all stalk off to Pret together.

So imagine the excitement when City Pantry offered to send some lunch over for the team and I.   City Pantry is a catering service with a bit of a difference – they let companies order in catering from not just a variety of the more common lunch stores, but independent food vendors all over the city and also little pop ups and it all comes direct to your front door!

Bear in mind that the site has been built for people that need to order food quickly for a group such as office managers, PA’s etc so to get around complicated menus City Pantry work with vendors to put together catering packages suited to various events like board meetings and client lunches. This however was not immediately obvious to us and a little more explanation could be helpful here, also for 7 people ordering individually not ideal as we’re all going to have to order from the same vendor but after some debate, we settle on Benito’s hat for Mexican. After all, who doesn’t want to be a part of Burrito Tuesday?  (Work with me here, I’m trying to officially designate Tuesdays as Burrito days)

There was almost unanimous love for the Benito’s Burrito feast offering, Burrito with corn chips & salsa and a drink all for a pretty decent price of £9 and all delivered to your desk just in time for lunch.   If I were to make a suggestion it would be to offer a little drop down menu where you can choose the flavour you want as this also created some confusion about whether the flavours were all piled in together or not, but in the end a comment in the comment box provided did the job and they sent over the flavours we wanted.

Exactly when we’d asked for its arrival, lunch arrived! It’s all handily packed into little individual containers and there was many a happy face in the office as everyone grabbed their selections and left.  You’d expect the meals to not be piping hot so nobody was too upset about that, they were still decently warm and no complaints from anybody on that front! Minor complaints would have to be made about the slight doughy-ness of the wrap and that you couldn’t customise the wrap to request how spicy (or not) you may want it to be.

We all agreed on one thing though – next time we order, we’re going to hijack a meeting room for our own purposes and set up a little picnic, perhaps with some of the sharing foods – there’s sushi, burgers and even a whole selection of cake!  How pleasant the working lunch would be with burgers and cake.  I’m confident productivity would spike, that must be the reason Google, Spotify and Buzzfeed are all big fans of City Pantry.

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go and suggest that as our official company policy too.  Burgers and cake, here I come.

Disclosure: Lunch for myself and 6 members of the team was provided by City Pantry.  All comments and feedback from the team and myself are faithfully recorded!


5 thoughts on “A lunch delivery from City Pantry

  1. So much lunch delivery happening in London right now. I see ads for different services everywhere. I also find that I achieve NOTHING between 11am-12pm. Too much fooooood to think about.

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