Breakfast at Aqua Shard

There’s something so very special about starting your day not with the ubiquitous cereal or toast, but with a bit of a spread that someone has laboured over for you and delivered to you with a flourish.  That’s one of the best bits about hotels, they have everything your heart may desire available as a breakfast offering and I’ve been known to choose holiday hotspots based on their breakfast potential.

The Aqua Shard can top that though, not only does it tick the gourmet spread box but it also offers you a birds eye view of London from your vantage point in the sky.

I’m here for a breakfast date with the beautiful Mitzie and we’ve lucked out, it is the most glorious sunshiney day and the restaurant with its plush purple chairs, big glamorous bar and tables conveniently located by all the windows, is bathed in light.

Like all bloggers everywhere, we’ve already covered what we’re going to eat (We both had our eye on the Lobster Benedict!) and social niceties are put on hold until we’ve both taken our photos and once that’s all done we can settle into checking out the menu one more time and getting stuck into some drinks.

Freshly squeezed orange juice is a bit of a weakness of mine and has to be the first order of the day for any breakfast order and while normally I’d jump on the coffee options, the Morning Elixirs have caught our eye and so it’s an extra indulgent Banana Pick me up for me and a Mango Coco for Mitzie.  I’m kidding myself by pretending the Banana Pick me up is a smoothie, it’s so decadently delicious it’s about the equivalent of having a sweet course for my breakfast, but not so sweet that it becomes sickly.  In fact, it’s a perfectly blended combination of Banana, Hazelnut milk, Peanut Butter and Nutella.

Mitzie’s Mango Coco combination of Fresh mango and Coconut cream meets with an equal level of approval and we’re looking forward to the main event.


Since it’s in the blogger commandments that thou shall not order the same thing, I’ve plumped for the Smoked salmon and corn fritters combo with eggs, mainly because I can’t resist anything that comes with sweetcorn fritters and the addition of smoked salmon has my mouth watering.  Mitzie’s gone for the Lobster Benedict and we’re both pretty pleased with ourselves.

My eggs aren’t overly creamy which I like as I don’t like my eggs too rich and the corn fritters are perfectly cooked.  Mitzie pronounces her Lobster Benedict spot on and gazing out over London, delicious drinks and food in hand, life is pretty darn good.

The staff do not in any way hurry us along, we’re welcome to sip on your drinks and chat and when we finally make our way out, we can’t help but linger over the lovely floral display, all set up to welcome in the Summer.

If you’re in the market to check out the Shard and gaze out over London, I’d encourage you to try out breakfast here and do both in one – it’s true that you’re not quite as high up but the combo is a winning one!

Aqua Shard can be found at Level 31 of the Shard, St Thomas Street, London Bridge SE1 9RY. It’s right next to London Bridge station and entrance is via a door on the right hand side of the Shangri-La hotel. I’d recommend that you reserve, you wouldn’t want to be turned away.

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10 thoughts on “Breakfast at Aqua Shard

  1. We’ve popped in for cocktails, but never considered it for brekkie – we’ll have to wander back!

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