Ceviche, Soho

Ceviche is a South American favourite, raw fish ‘cooked’ by being marinated in a combination of citrus juices and you can either add a bit of spice to it or change the flavour up with some onions, cilantro etc. It has overtures of the freshness of Japanese cuisine and it’s just not what I expect from South American cuisine – what comes to mind is Corn, Grilled meats and the like.

Trying out Ceviche in Soho is the best way therefore to try out a cuisine I know so little about and also to see how the Peruvians make this fishy classic.  The interior is fun and colourful and adds a dose of fun pretty much just as you walk in! The menu is tapas style and I’m really glad we have a big group, all the better for ordering up large and trying out all sorts of different things.


The Pisco sours are famous but I opt for the Superchaco, a refreshing blend of guava, ginger and lemongrass which has a zing to it not often found in the non-alcoholic cocktail variety.


With our group of 6, we start ordering fairly indiscriminately – which is my top favourite way to order.  I have a list of favourite flavours and items I like so going out with a big group who have different tastes to me and order things that I probably wouldn’t choose and offer the option to try out new and varied things!

The ceviches are fun and zingy and they’re so light and moreish, you barely feel like you’re eating at all!  These are probably my favourite of all the items on the table and paired with the corn/ avocado cake which is so soft and creamy, cushioned with a beetroot sauce could keep me going for the whole meal.

The meats and skewers are all rich and juicy and what I was originally expecting from South American food and they’re all cooked perfectly but a tad rich for me, although they do provide a real difference in tastes and flavours across the whole table.

By the hum of fun on the table, it’s clear that everybody has found their own piece of the menu that they’re most enamoured with, cocktails are flowing and a nice time is being had by all.

But what is a meal out with friends without dessert? My sentiments exactly, there’s pretty much no point going to dinner without a dash of the sweet stuff.  We opt for the trio to share with the table – Fruit suspiro, voladores biscuit and passion fruit mousse with a side order of the Chocolate tart.  Because a dessert without chocolate has pretty much no point to it.

The suspiro, or meringue is a tad too sweet for me but the Passion Fruit mousse is my favourite – which is a surprise given the Chocolate Tart was the first option I couldn’t resist the thought of.  But it’s all delectable and all delicious and to be honest, nobody really has any complaints.

It’s not often I leave a restaurant without a litany of little things that I wish I can change or I wish they’d done differently but this time, I have no complaints.  I’m just awash with warm fuzzy feelings and also, a real desire to go to Peru!

Ceviche can be found at 17 Frith St, W1D 4RG.  I reckon you should probably book, but take along a group to make the most of the mixing and matching!

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