Happy Skin tips with the Body Shop

I’ve been a fan of the Body Shop since way back when.  In my teenage years in the 90’s, I was all about spending my allowance on the Lip Balm Pot – oh how many hours would go into the deliberation of which flavour pot my friends and I were going to go for next (Passion fruit was the winner FYI).    Then as I started gainful employment, I discovered more of their range and more products became an inher30s staple and there they’ve stayed.   I still use their range of shampoos and no amount of swishy glossy hair ads with Cheryl Cole in them will convince me to part with my favourites.  Body Butters are another part of my beauty routine but it’s rare that I go beyond my tried and tested products.

So when the Body Shop challenged me to try out some new products for summer Happy Skin and share my tips on how to get healthy skin from the inside out, it was a bit of a no-brainer really.     Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have some sort of glowing model-like dewy skin.  I have normal ok skin which goes through its ups and downs but is largely a decent enough base for one to lather foundation on!

Having recently returned from a holiday in the Caribbean, my parcel of Virgin Mojito flavoured products just screamed of memories of holidaying in the sun and what I love about this range is how my standard morning shower transports me to foreign lands.  Well that is, before I have to get back down to earth and go to work.  But the zingy shower gel coupled with the matching Body Butter means that if my commute gets really painful, I can just sniff at myself to get back that holiday feeling.   And I still won’t even be the strangest person you saw on the tube today, so that’s an added win.

Mojito Happy Skin range

Mojito Happy Skin range

So without any further ado, my top tips to get a dose of Healthy Skin.

Tip 1:

Take off your makeup every night before bed.

This one is such a royal pain.  I typically use Face Wipes to take my makeup off, but as I’m getting older, I notice it’s starting to make my skin a bit dryer and not quite so pleasant.  So instead, I’ve been making more of an effort to actually wash my face clean with my favourite face wash (Body Shop tea tree foaming cleanser)and then lather it on with moisturiser pre-bed.  Success rate – 40%.

I’ve not quite covered the day vs night-time moisturiser business, but that’s next on my list.

Tip 2:

Cut down the coffees, drink more water.  Easier said than done.  I REALLY like coffee.

I inevitably drink a lot of coffee/ fizzy drinks when I’m stressed or tired and whether it’s the effect of these diuretics or just the tired/stressed factor, but my skin does not like the excessive caffeine.   It just starts to look a bit tired and patchy and it usually needs a good dose of sleep and a lot of water to revive.

Tip 3:

Figure out what skincare suits you best.

There’s a reason I’m a creature of habit and that’s because I’ve worked out which products I like and which don’t cause breakouts.  My skin occasionally forgets it’s in its 30s and reverts to teenage hood and so I have to have a decent handle on what keeps me in a nice state of equilibrium.  Again, we’re not talking flawless, just normal and natural.

Tip 4:

Wear Sunscreen.  Now this is something I’m guessing at, because I can’t see into the future.  But I’ve been using SPF’ed skincare since I was a teen (The benefits of growing up in skin-cancer obsessed NZ) and I’m hoping it’ll pay off one day.

Tip 5: Eat right. 

I struggle the most with this – I write a blog dedicated to eating out for goodness sake and in at least 99% of the posts, I’m complaining about how over-stuffed I was at said meal and how I succumbed to a lot of bread/ desserts/ wine/ all of the above.  So I’m hardly the right person to be doling out food related advice.

But the kind folks at the Body Shop sent me a smoothie maker to recreate my own healthy recipes and it turns out drinking my fruit is turning out pretty well.  They’re actually being ingested instead of living in pitiful misery inside the fridge – what a result!  So far most of my experimentation have been erring on simple, fruits and yoghurts and the like, but I think I’m ready to push the boat out to some crazy healthy.  Something that involves a bit of Kale perhaps to really get that Vitamin intake up there. Watch this space, I’m ready for some glowing summer skin!

For more Happy Skin tips, head here to read more.

Disclosure: I was sent a package of lovely Virgin Mojito Body shop goodies to try out as well as a smoothie maker to entice me to make some healthy drinks.  All opinions are, as always, my own.


7 thoughts on “Happy Skin tips with the Body Shop

  1. Haha! Reading the first paragraph definitely brought back some memories – Body Shop was SUCH a big deal to me when I first visited England at the age of 13! We didn’t have it in the US yet, and I remember buying a lip pencil (and the passion fruit lip balm!!!) that I just loved. They’re such a good standby for bath and beauty products.

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