Flesh and Buns

The name ‘Flesh and Buns’ seems to suggest a burger joint with a Japanese twist.  These do feature on the menu, but what surprised me is that the menu is predominantly a series of sharing plates peppered with the pillowy-soft buns and meat that lend it it’s name.  Booking ahead is necessary as the place is packed and even the small act of being able to make a booking is a bonus in this silly ‘no reservations’ part of london. The first order of business is to settle in and order up some cocktails!

The ladies pronounce these a resounding success but left out of the drinking game, I’m keen to make a start on the food.  We opt to share the Korean Fried Wings, Sweet potatoes and a Soft shell crab roll.  The Korean fried wings were a hit, positively finger-licking moreish.  The sweet potatoes could have used a bit more time in the cooker and I’ve had better soft shell crabs in many many other places.  So far, not really wowed.

For mains, we opted to share 2 sets of ‘Flesh and Buns’ between us – Duck and Pork.  It peeved me slightly that the buns had to be ordered separately to the meat, what would you say if a burger joint started insisting you ordered your bread separately and charging you for the privilege.  Would it be so hard to throw them in there as a package deal and just bring some more out if you need? It’s the simple things I say.

It probably doesn’t help that they tasted a bit average.  Mediocre food highlights the alternative flaws of a restaurant.  The pork was crispy if a tad overdone but neither the duck nor the pork had any uniquely discernable flavour.  In a blind taste test, you probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate between them.

The service is very helpful and friendly, so a finger cannot be pointed in that direction but still.  It’s just not a wow.

Flesh and Buns can be found at 41 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LX.  Unlike other establishments, they do take reservations, which is always handy in Central London.

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12 thoughts on “Flesh and Buns

  1. i’ve so so so so so wanted to go here so long, but now i’m not sure! i loved bone daddies and have heard good things about this.. maybe i need to go anyway and have a try and an open mind..?

  2. Disappointing. I’m impressed that the name suggested Japanese twisted burgers to you, most people seem to think it’s got something to do with strippers…

  3. I remember feeling a bit frustrated that the buns and meat had to be ordered separately. I liked most of the dishes I ordered and really liked their matcha ice cream sundae!

    • I didn’t love it but would be really interested to hear what you think, it does get a lot of great reviews in general!

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