Poppy Hana, a hungryhouse Top Takeaway

Darkness is setting, the rain is coming down and the only things available to eat at home are an elderly block of cheese and a tin of beans, neither of which are going to be enough to satisfy the beast of a long hard day at the coal face.  Clearly the answer is a Takeaway, but since I’m a gourmet fuss pot, it has to be nice food, no greasy pizzas or MSG-flavoured Chinese thank you very much.

hungryhouse, the online takeaway guys have done a little work though, they sorted out all their reviews and data and all that gumpf and come up with a list of the Top Takeaways of 2015!  Out of all the gazillions of takeaways in the UK, only a mere 500 can claim the honour of being called a Top Takeaway and from this creme de la creme, my little neighbourhood joint of Poppy Hana in Bermondsey has been chosen as the 8th-best takeaway in the whole of the UK and the 2nd-best Japanese takeaway!


I feel a great deal of pride in their achievement, almost as if I had something to do with their success.  Does ranking it as my own top takeaway count?  So with this new accolade shining over them, it was a no brainer of a decision to make them my takeout partner of choice.

Despite getting an email advising that they’re seeing some bad traffic in the area, the order still arrives within the allocated time, the hot food is packed separately to the cold and we get stuck in pretty swiftly!

Although Tempura isn’t usually something best enjoyed cold, this is still hot and retains a layer of crunch – the courgette ones are my favourite and don’t even need the dipping sauce as they’re full of flavour.  And they even count as one of my five-a-day!  The soft shell crab rolls are an old favourite and just as fantastic as always.

The Bento boxes are new to us and we do some mixing and matching between us.  The devilled prawns are hot and a little bit spicy and the Miso cod is tender and melts away in the mouth.  The miso aubergine, although just a side in the Black Cod box is a pretty meaty side in its own right and an example of Poppy Hana’s commitment to getting all the individual elements of a dish just right!

With the warm glow of full bellies without having to leave the comfort of the house, we can settle into a relaxing evening.   For the next time you’re stuck in a ‘what’s for dinner’ brain-freeze, or like me, a lack of edible ingredients in the fridge, you can check out hungryhouse’s top takeaways here!

Disclosure: I was given a £30 voucher to spend at a hungryhouse top takeaway, my experiences are faithfully noted above!

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8 thoughts on “Poppy Hana, a hungryhouse Top Takeaway

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  2. Rest assured, you had everything to do with their success. Making something your top takeaway is pretty much a high class honour in itself. I’m sure many fine establishments would fight over that title!

  3. I LOVE miso aubergine – I make it at home all the time! Poppy Hana sounds good – Japanese takeaways don’t make me feel as lethargic after the same way Chinese or Dominos might! My guilty pleasure is definitely takeaway while wearing my bathrobe, such a slob….

    Erin xxx


  4. Crispy tempura, oh crispy tempura. Someone needs to write an ode to those heavenly vegetable portions…!

  5. I really like the concept of it but unfortunately, the only experience I’ve had of using them really put me off after our meal took nearly an hour and a half to arrive and it was well past 10pm by the time it arrived. I’ve not gone back to using it since unfortunately as I’m now inclined to think I may as well contact the restaurant directly and place my order but I’d still be interested in looking at the site to get an idea of their top takeaways.

    • That does sound painful, I’d be starving & supremely cranky by then! Hopefully it was just a once off and they redeem themselves next time? 🙂

    • Haha, yes I think the hunger-induced cranky always heightens the grudge but to be fair, a similar thing happened recently even when I ordered directly from a restaurant so I can’t really pin blame on one particular place or service!

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