The Ned Ludd, Nottingham

Ever been called a Luddite?

The Luddites were followers of Mr Ned Ludd, a 19th-century English textile worker who protested against labour-replacing machinery in the early 19th century. It seems odd to think now what would have happened had they succeeded in their mission, certainly there would be no such thing as cheap clothes, we’d have no Primark in our lives. Ned Ludd was their leader, but since being a Luddite was illegal, they were pretty clever – Ned Ludd is but a fictitious name.

Today the Ned Ludd is a pub with craft beers and ales a plenty, the English Rebel catching Husband’s eye almost immediately, just for the sheer fun of it all.

The menu is really straightforward and simple, hearty pub grub rather than fancy plates.  We start off with some light calamari, soft and chewy, dipped into some garlicky aioli.


Husband is eyeing up the roast whereas I go for a burger option and they arrive as big fat plates all ready to be soaked up with some crispy chips.

This is a blissful Sunday meal, there are papers to read, comfortable seating to snuggle into while enjoying a decadent meal and that’s all before the pudding menu arrives.  A sticky toffee pudding is just what the doctor ordered to wash down comfort food with, it doesn’t come in an overly pretty way, it is a hunk of warming pudding with sticky gooey toffee sauce poured all over it, cooled with some melting vanilla ice cream.

It’s pin drop silence at the 30’s table as this is demolished.



It’s a fabulous ending to a fabulous weekend, devouring the sights, sounds and culinary delights on offer in Nottingham.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Experience Nottinghamshire and the Ned Ludd, but as always, opinions are my own.  You won’t go far wrong with a pudding like this one.


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