Iberico world tapas, Nottingham

Tapas has become this ubiquitous word we (or at least I) use to describe everything that is a small plate of morsels designed to be shared, it evokes a flavour of leisurely lunches, delicious glasses of wine, grazing and most importantly the joys of sharing food with friends and loved ones.

At Iberico World Tapas, you can go on a little tour of the world just by sitting in a cavernous room right next to the Justice Museum (Keep an eye on dark tales from that experience later) and see the world through Spanish eyes.  Spacious with little nooks and crannies for cosy conversations, it nevertheless has that type of lighting which does not bode well for food bloggers, trying to capture the essence of a place with a shot.


Perched at the bar with a good view (i.e. snoop) of what other people are eating (just for inspiration you see) we are soon drawn into having quite the debate over what to have! The waitress warns us that portions are quite substantial and so to be wary of our ordering choices, which is useful advice and it’s always best when wait staff are honest about what you’re about to have.

With a name like Iberico World Tapas, there’s really no way to avoid ordering the Iberico ham so that’s what we plunge in with! A plate of Bellota Iberico ham, just as melt in the mouth and delectable as meant to be, washed down with some padron peppers, with a sprinkling of sea salt to add to the flavour.  They could use a bit more crunch to them, but it’s an item that needs to feature on a LOT more menus!

Iberico ham & padron peppers

Iberico ham & padron peppers

For mains, we go for inside out chicken wings with yuzu chilli and spicy miso salmon and to get at least a hint of a portion of a five a day, chargrilled broccoli.  The husband favours the inside out chicken wings although we are a bit perplexed about what exactly makes them inside out and then realise after a mouthful that we really don’t care as they’re pretty much chicken perfection.  The salmon is a little less to my taste but to be entirely fair, I’m concentrating so hard on the chicken that I have little time for the salmon.  And the broccoli receives the ultimate compliment, the bowl is polished off cleanly.  A tough ask for vegetables.

Chocolate is the name of the dessert game, Churros with chocolate sauce for me and cheesecake with chocolate ice cream on the top.  The chocolate sauce is good quality and has excellent dunk-ability properties while Husband’s cheesecake has gone by so fast there’s barely time to proffer my spoon in his direction.

I like that the mint tea comes with a mint leaf on a little stem, rather than scrunched up mint leaves at the bottom, it adds a layer of class to proceedings.  It’s not hard to see why this place is such a favourite with the good people of Nottingham.

Service here has been cheerful, helpful and swift and while they do give you a 2 hour seating time when you make your booking, they’re not annoying about it like so many others and don’t remind you constantly that they expect you out, which makes you feel more welcome than usual!

Thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an evening!

Iberico World Tapas can be found at The Shire Hall, High Pavement, Nottinghamshire NG1 1HN, it’s literally right next door to the Museums of Justice.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Experience Nottinghamshire and Iberico World Tapas.

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