Forge and Co, Shoreditch

Brunch in Shoreditch is one of my favourite things.  Firstly, there’s the Brunch part.  The first meal of the day is really the best one and the benefit of a weekend brunch is that drinking is entirely acceptable – Bloody Mary, Bucks Fizz  or even a glass of fizz are all suitable ways to kick this fabulous meal off.  My love of Shoreditch makes me sound awfully cool and hipster, rest assured I am neither, but Shoreditch is home to my absolute favourite gem of Spitalfields market, where I have dragged many a friend and unsuspecting family member to stroll around and buy things you really don’t need but just look so darn cute.

Just a little hop, skip and jump away from the market is Forge & Co, home to my new favourite brunch spot! With a sign like this, who can resist?

Forge & Co has that classic industrial style warehouse look and feel to it, but manages to still feel really cosy, bit of an interior decorating marvel given that it’s pretty spacious inside.  There’s a bar to prop up if you’re here later than brunch (or what the hell, at brunch even), couches and some more firm seating as you can also use Forge as a bit of a workspace.  Inher30s’ productivity would be remarkably different if I worked somewhere like this.  Actually, that’s a lie – I’d just sup on lattes and enjoy the cool.

While I’m busy admiring the space, Husband has his priorities bent on a drink and is eagerly perusing the cocktail menu before settling on the Bloody Mary.  I opt for the more sedate option of the freshly squeezed orange juice and although mine comes without the fun addition of vodka, we’re both pretty pleased with ourselves.  His Bloody Mary is a thing of beauty, spicy, good solid celery to punch on and a bartender who wasn’t afraid of dialling up some flavours.    They’ve got Allpress coffee too, but this is pretty much the only nutrition I’ve had all week so I stick to my juice very virtuously.

You can go with the traditional brunching favourites of eggs or as the neighbouring table, go rogue and order the famed Ox heart burger, but we’re traditionalists and it’s eggs over here thank you very much.  Full English for hubby and I couldn’t resist the sound of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and sourdough toast.

Service is excellent – they noticed Hubby wasn’t eating his Black Pudding (he very pointedly moved it off his plate) so they whisked the offending item away, even chiding him for not warning them so they could have swapped it out earlier and bring over all the condiments our little hearts might desire.  My scrambled eggs are well cooked and not rubbery and more importantly taste like eggs and not doused in cream, which while I know makes them creamier, makes for a rather uncomfortably filling breakfast option!  If I dig deep for some complaints, it would be that I like my sourdough to be well toasted rather than the more breaded variety that arrived.

I’m barely able to finish my hefty portion and they’re a bit concerned about why I’ve not finished but I have to say it’s simply a lack of space, not any judgement on the excellent breakfast.  On previous visits to Spitalfields, I’ve frequented Dishoom for a weekend brunch, but they have some stiff competition in the way of Forge.

Forge & Co can be found at 154 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6HU

 Disclosure: I was a guest of Forge & Co and Zomato.  Views as always, my own.

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11 thoughts on “Forge and Co, Shoreditch

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever brunched in Shoreditch – always somehow seem to end up central but this sounds great and really does sound good for productivity! I should bring along the laptop one day and order those smoked salmon scrambled eggs and can see myself parking up nicely for the day!

  2. Now you’ve got me craving brunch (and a drink!) and it’s only Friday morning! This is the kind of place that you just can’t find in France. Regretfully!

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