Le Chinois afternoon tea, Millennium hotel Knightsbridge

You can make anything into an afternoon tea. Add in the appropriate time of day (Afternoon), some tea and more often than not, a group of women to coo over a series of treats attractively presented on a tray and catch up on their life goings’ on. And so it happened with Le Chinois’s Chinese Dim Sum afternoon tea. An addition of all the above ingredients swirled together and served up.

I’m totally on board with this, sometimes the afternoon teas can get a little too sweet and as a fan of Chinese food, I don’t get to eat good Dim Sum often enough with a bunch of friends and so it’s with a spring in my step I bounced off to the Millennium hotel in Knightsbridge to meet with fellow bloggers. There were just under 30 of us and they hadn’t planned for that number (tsk tsk) so it was a bit of a squeeze and a bit of a scramble to get to try everything.

Of the things I did taste, everything was top notch. As it is with bloggers everywhere, the food rapidly cools while the photos are taken from every conceivable angle, trying to find that best food porn shot so it’s our own fault for not sampling some of the delicacies fresh from the steamers/ pan.

The sautéed prawns covered in Wasabi are probably the only items I’d say weren’t to my taste, they were a little too battered and drowning in sauce but every other item was top notch. The char-siu buns were reminiscent of travels through Singapore and the mince-wrapped lettuce added a touch of freshness and light to the tea.

After we’d had our fill, we were treated to a display of how to shred a whole duck to make the famous duck pancakes. It all was a blur of knife and chopstick skills but I was only too happy to partake of the pancakes later, courtesy of all her hard work!

Would I recommend this? Yes, absolutely! You get a dinky little tray of dim sum, jasmine tea and a glass of champagne and since you’re not eating many sweets at all, you can basically write it off as being guilt free! That’s a win:win if ever I heard one.

Le Chinois can be found in the Millennium hotel in Knightsbridge at 17 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9NU. It’s just around the corner from Knightsbridge tube station and Harvey Nichols/ Harrods should you need some nourishment after a hard day’s shopping.

I was a guest of Le Chinois, invited by the top notch folk at Joe Blogs.  As always, opinions are my own.

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10 thoughts on “Le Chinois afternoon tea, Millennium hotel Knightsbridge

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  2. This is the second review I’ve read of this event and I can barely contain my jealousy. (And my yearning for duck pancakes) x

    • Chinatown baby – I can point you in the direction of the down n’ dirty greats! Go and celebrate your engagement, nothing says love like greasy chinese food!

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