Outlaw’s at the Capital

A restaurant dedicated to seafood is reason itself to gain my undivided attention but with seafood man Nathan Outlaw, this was the place to experience fresh Cornish seafood, despite not actually travelling down south.  The restaurant interior is a little soulless, perhaps to be expected in a hotel situated within a mere spitting distance to Knightsbridge and the shiny stores in the area.

Whilst perusing the menu, munching along to a choice of Scottish white bread with cheddar and rosemary (Scrumptious!) or Cornish Doom bar brown bread, a little trio of Cod fishcakes with lime mayo come along to whet the appetite.  The fishcakes are hot, crunchy and filled with flakey fish, not a hint of grease to be found.  Tasty, but not earth shattering at this stage.

The gin cured salmon was my top pick for a starter and I was so pleased when it came, just look at that glistening pink fish!  The gin is subtle and the true taste of the fish stands out, with pickled cucumber and horseradish adding a bit of flavour to proceedings.  I could have used the cucumber to be a little bit more tart but the horseradish was just the right side of flavoursome.  Husband went a little bit more bold with his choices, choosing the Eel & Mash fritters for his starter of choice.  I was expecting something bold and different, but if I’m honest, I couldn’t really tell the difference between these and the cod fishcakes of 10 minutes ago.

It’s quite hard work to choose between the main options, but an addition of fennel, mushroom and grape sell me into trying out the Grey Mullet, a most unflattering name for a fish if I may say so.  The fish is perfectly cooked, but I would expect nothing less from a one michelin-starred experience.  The fennel, mushroom and grape trio adoring my plate are a peculiar combo, tasty in individual mouthfuls but quite bizarre when paired.  I chalk it up to expanding my culinary horizons!

Husband’s Beer battered haddock is far more successful, layered on a bed of warm potato in tartare salad, this is far more luxurious a main and the crunchy fish is used to mop up as much of the potato-ey sauce as possible.

Despite the light-as-air fish mains, we’re feeling pretty full so opt to share a pudding; the Deptford pudding consisting of warm plum compote with vanilla ice cream is just as much of a hug in a bowl as the word ‘pudding’


Macarons and fudge round off the meal and we’re on our merry way out.  Service is exemplary but there’s a little something missing, a lack of pizzazz, something undefinable but it’s contributing to no real wow factor,  it’s just a comfortable one-starred restaurant that has nice food in bland surroundings.


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2 thoughts on “Outlaw’s at the Capital

  1. Reading the menu the dishes all sound very basic. But if prepared with absolute top ingredients that shouldn’t be a problem. Your husband’s dishes look delicious! Too bad his starting fritters didn’t have a distinct taste of their own compared to the cod cakes, eel should taste quite different!

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