Smack Lobster Deli

London just keeps getting better. This time, the newest and greatest trend to hit the streets is a series of lobster shacks, where one can pretend to be holidaying in Boston or Maine perhaps, feasting away on cut-price lobsters. Or that’s the dream anyway.

Smack Lobster Deli is the love-child of the popular chain Burger & Lobster and like it’s Mama is a casual no-reservation, canteen-style sort of place.  You order upstairs from a pretty straightforward menu, 4 options and a bunch of sides and bar stools and the like both upstairs and downstairs, with a little bar downstairs so you don’t have to tire your legs out going up the stairs for further refreshments.

Since there’s 4 of us, the ordering choices are easy – one of each of the lobster rolls, courgette fries, seasonal mulled wine and just to round of the ordering, a little sneaky lobster chowder.

Truthfully, it probably doesn’t matter which lobster roll you buy – the Mexican has it’s own take on flavourings with jalapeno pieces on top, but the remaining 3 are largely indistinguishable, although all meet raucous approval from the group with each member claiming that that theirs is best.  I had the Seven Samurai and of course I’m going to say that mine was best.  Chunky pieces of lobster and I’m pleased to say no hint of stinginess here, sweet brioche roll and a faint sprinkling of what could be described as a Japanese tag but truthfully here it was the tang of the fresh lobster that most stood out, not too chilled, not too greasily overladen with mayonaisse (a pet hate of mine).

This washed down with crispy, crunchy, albeit slightly bland courgette fries and some seasonal mulled wine and we were pretty happy campers.  The lobster chowder was a surprise hit, only ordered because of the deep chill outside, it was warming, creamy but with a depth of spice to it and again none too shabbily ordained with lobster.

My only gripe would have to be the seating, I mean I know its a deli and they’re after you to get out as fast as possible, but perching on a stool with my coats and bags precariously balancing on top of me do not make for a comfortable dinner seating.  But I can let that slide for a lobster roll on the run.

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5 thoughts on “Smack Lobster Deli

  1. I have always wanted to try a lobster roll, have only eaten whole in which I made a phenomenal mess of both myself and the surrounding table. Agree with you regarding the tables you want to be able to relax and enjoy your food Lucy

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