Back to Asia: a 3 course Celebrity Cruises Taste of Travel Menu

There are those who eat merely to live, but as I write a blog revolving mainly around food, it would be entirely fair to assume that I live to eat.  So when nominated by the beautiful Love & Limoncello to enter into Celebrity Cruises 3 course Taste of travel menu, you have no idea how challenging it was and how long it took to narrow down my choices to just 3 courses.


This is my favourite food of all time and one I don’t get to have nearly enough of.  Pani Puri (Or Gol Gappa depending on the part of India you hail from) is referred to rather unflatteringly by a friend of mine as bready shells filled with cold and spicy mint water and while this description is in fact technically accurate, there aren’t enough words in the thesaurus for me to convey that sense of spicy sweet tart gulp of liquid you need to down in one go.

When we visited India as children, just a hint of these from the roadside would be enough to set us off with Delhi Belly so family took to making them for us at home and this day was always the best by far.  All the family would come over and enjoy the pleasures we found in scoffing these little treats.

I even requested these at my wedding, however I hadn’t realised that being the bride doesn’t leave you much opportunity to sneak off and scoff Pani Puri while nobody is looking!


I can’t get enough of seafood, I’ve sampled King Crab in Norway and when in Singapore, an order of Black Pepper Crab from Jumbo Seafood is never far from my sights and so when served up the authentic Malaysian Chilli Crab courtesy of Wild Serai, it transported me back to the shores of my childhood home in Malaysia.   Served up with slightly sweet Mantou buns, intended to dip into the slightly runny curry and eat the sweetish sour Chilli crabs is an experience never to miss if you’re ever in that part of the world.


I’m staying with Asia for my choice of desserts, unusual I know as South East Asia isn’t often known as dessert paradise but growing up in that part of the world lends me a different perspective. Ice Kacang blends a selection of fruit (And in some cases, sweetcorn) under a bed of shaved ice and sweet syrup and is just the thing to eat on a hot day and revives you with a bit of energy to continue hitting the shops that Singapore is famous for.  Wild Serai does a version with rose syrup and I would be pretty hard-pressed to choose between them.

How did you like my tour to Asia? I’d love to ask Lady Loves Cake, Emm in London, The foodaholic and the Mayfairy to join me for a bloggers date as we ponder where to travel to next and what delights to sample while we’re there.


10 thoughts on “Back to Asia: a 3 course Celebrity Cruises Taste of Travel Menu

  1. Wow!!! What a selection!! I would love to try your starter! India was one of the most amazing places I visited food wise and I cannot believe I didn’t discover this unusual starter. xx

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